Tuesday, March 4, 2008

wat o???!!!!

my god..anyone wan experience how is it hell look like..

this is d best place to train ur patience, forgiveness and d best place to test ur EQ!!!!!!

do u know how ridiculous it is?let me tell u:
kids fell down..DEMAND d principle to sign an agreement, promising his son won FELL AGAIN...(=.=);
complaining teacher's punishment too harsh, hurt d kids mentally...
cannot scold, coz embarressed their kids in front of too much ppl, will break their confidence..
other teachers giving answer to my class students..bring books somemore 4 them to copy~
I FELT Angry then canned those students to correct their attitude..
end up being "dinasihati"by KETUA PANITIA..say i shudnt blame d teacher tat give answers???
d teacher juz KINDLY help them??? (malay must help malay?!!!)

what lai de o????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do they know how to respect teachers???

nvm nvm..sabar~sabar~忍一时风平浪静,退一步海阔天空!
if i think i can, i CAN!!!!!! yea~

god bless me...

yj~getting crazy~


weiloon said...

i know it is tough
it will past and turn out to be a brighter day!!

never give in and never give up!!!

kokloon said...

jus do wat u think is correct ..
dun feel sad or angry .. jus sabar ..
hahaha ...

38members said...

aiyoyo....sabar la juin juin...dun xplode ooo...hahah

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