Monday, May 26, 2008

:-( vs :-)

hmm...looks like im d first among u guys tht enter college/uni first,quite excited cos as u all knw v dun hav 2 sticks 2 so many rules and regulations(can wear wat u like,can skip class,no negaraku,no assembly...and so on...) BUT 2my surprise is not tht fun aftr all...u knw life is so diff

1)last time in school,v hav permanent class room which v can put all our stuffs,bags and v can even decorate our class(evn though v hate it!and force2do it)haha,quite also actually...BUT in colleges there is no permanent class 4 us which means tht evry single time d lesson ends v hav 2 brin our stuffs and bags 2 gethr wit us!!evywhr v go evn2d canteen(haha...remind me of kuan lung...evytm brn bag2canteen..hahaha) cos d lecture hall will b used by othrs.sumtimes evy single subjct tht u hav,u hav2keep changn d location,as u all knw college/uni is not small rght..thn hav2wlk so far!

2)d lectures there always assume tht v knw every thing...thy dun evn bothr 2 tell u wat books 2 buy,wat is important,where2get notes...and so on.and thy dun even infrm u whn d lecture is cancelled!!!which means tht u hav2go 2 office almost everyday2chck up d latest news..OMG!!

3)in school so convenient huh...every mor,5 days a week(mon-fri),7.30-1.10...tht's d FIX!how convenient...and i mst admit tht im so used2it..haha evn though lazy2wk up early la....of cos in college/uni d time,day and evn location r nt fixed!!keep troublesome,everyday hav2chck d schedule and look 4 d lecture halls...sumtimes u evn hav class in d early mor ,thn d nxt class in d late inconvenient!!

4)in school,in d class-got lots of frens chit chat whn teachr nt arnd...and i mst admit tht v r friendly wit each othr rght?hehe...and of cos v knw each and every1 n ur college/uni i mst say d ppl nt vy friendly and sumtimes u nt evn knw who is in ur course..d reason is simple thy can cattend d lectures as frequent as thy others wrds thy can skip d lectures as frequent as thy nt surprising if u cant rem if thy r ur course mates...and of course,once d lectures finished.every1 will b takn their stuff and jst jumped out of d lecture hall wit their respective myslf 4 nt makn lots of new frens???

hmm...i knw la is jst a few days in colleges...mayb i shouldn't judge d life in college nt complaining nor dissappointed...cos im young adult nt kids anymr should learn how2adjust to d environmnet.i jst saying wat i doesnt mean tht im so -ve abt d life in college...hmm,who knows a few weeks ltr i will b writting abt my happy stuffs in college..hehe,hopefully.i guess i jst hav learn2adapt to d new stdy life..

conclusions...i MISS school!!!!i MISS my frens!!!!i MISS u guys!!!!


wei loon said...

sooner u will adapt de la...
then dun say u forget us liao o...

wish u hv a happy life wherever u are!!

38members said...

haha..thx wor..u 2,gd luck in ur life..wont 4get u all lo.d ppl there nt friendly lk u all le

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