Sunday, September 28, 2008

one question

I have one Question:

Why do you all continue your tertiary education?
for what and whom?



Siao Huoy said...

Hmm..before i answer..may i noe what is the reason behind this question? is it becoz suddenly u cant think of any reason for ur struggle in studying?

i continue my tertiary education for me MYSELF...and for what? in short is for MONEY..a stepping stone to my future career..if possible earn a 5-digit salary a month so that i dun need anyone to depend on ..spend wadeva i want to without having to request...another common reason will be...'Almost everyone has a degree..who am i for not having one?' - it's a neccessity - What bout you?

hope da reason u asked this question is not becoz of the reason above...strive hard MAN...if you cant do, no one can do it!

38members said...

haha...agree wit sh..not denying tht $$$$$ is d motivator..without it cant survive...but not only $$$$$ la...need 2 hav some achievements..if not no meaning le..


wei loon said...

to siao huoy and cf,

hey, of course i am not so negative la... actually i am slowly adapted ady la.. ya, study here is stressful, and it is my expectation before i came here.. but i enjoy it now.. haha
actually, one of the motive behind this question is see how many of u still reading 38blog.. i heard some say dunno what to post, then i just ask some question lo.. haha..

to the others,

please share some thoughts too..

ok, i agree with sh and cf, to some extent that money is a motivation to many of us to continue our study. i had the same thought before, i thought that study can make somebody rich or at least can bring more income to an individual.
before that, my reason to continue to study is just seeing this is a trend.. like what sh said, why not having a degree since everybody has one.. it sounds like u rugi if you do not hv one..(just like what our parents and teachers tought us)..

but, what i am thinking now is a little bit shifted. since we all together here is granted for a degree..for some even is double.. then what i wanna to say is:
don't just think like what u thought your mind and rethink the question...

what i see and some even say is always true is that: those succeed is not the one who always got the flying color result in the exam.. u see, in reality, those hire you may be somebody who is even not finishing their primary education..
now, if u wanna earn big money or success, is depend on soft skills.. just like here in NUS, the influencing people is not those who mugging in the room, is those who active in activities..

i am not saying the results is not important. is just that the result is not the most important..i am not here to admit i see differently..

now, i am trying to involve in lot of activities and see how far i can go, that must be a trade off, that i cant really concentrate in my studies, but one thing i believe is i will learn something from that!!! i am actually really feeling good when i make myself pack.. to use all my time in trainnig myself and fight with the time then unleash the potential deepest in u urself..

this is only my own perspective: i think the tertiary study is a way shaping one's mind.. and at the same time, depend on how you look at it and enjoy it.. then expand it for the rest in your life..

sorry for so many craps..
the motive is still the same...
sometime i will feel "no taste" when i post someting when came out zero reply.. (ps: is my post boring?)
updated la 38members, please!


奕君 said...

hihi..I am here to join u all...

Erm..Y i continue my tertiary education a?

To be frank, I think it is because I am still in a midst of finding my ownself, I still dont know what is my Telos( function of a human -learn this in my philosophy class )I wanted to know more about myself, my potential, how far I can be, what postion I am in the society..and what can I be when I am still alive...

And most important is, I think that knowledge that I possess will let me gain more confidence of myself...The more knowledge I have, the more confidence I will be..( I have not much confidence of myself, what I can do is gain more knowledge..b'coz that is the only way I can express myself )

For sure, great knowledge (higher degree) will definitely enable me a great income..but I really hope money will only be part of my life, I can c its importance, and now, I am getting more and more attracted to it..since everything cost money in my college...I used to tell myself that money is not everything, but is telling me " I am everything!"..

I think the only way to walk out of this scary influence is study..gain knowledge..learn watever it that U can discover something it's meaningful to u other than money..I really dun hope that in the future..what I will do, what I will all about money~

I agreed with wei loon that soft skills are important..But now..In taylor, I really have no chance to participate in any activities..hope that I will get exposed to it when I am transferred to overseas univeristy..

K lar..that is what i think..
U all dun need to agree one..I juz pose it to tell our dear president..."yijuin was here"^^..take care guys...

how cheh said...

good morning mr president.
Last week i was back to kl for raya break. CAnt on9 for a week o..sorry sorry

Tertiary education?
this is what i want and what i wish for.
how can we fight for a place in this society if we dun hav at least a cert in our hand.
For sure my thought is just for those who wish to work under the command of other.
but for those who wish to build their own business that will be another story.Cert is obviously not important in that case.Life experience and also knowledge to survive in the society is vital for that.
So i think ur question is so subjective and depends on the person himself to evaluate it.

money is important!!
sh i support ur point...wakaka

kl said...

hahaha ... aiya ...
of study for myself and money la ...
rite sh ?? hahahaha ...

U life is like that la ...
muz join more activities ...
know more ppl ... try to organize events ... it'll benefit u alot alot .... i think i already get used to the life in U ... only prob is the food here ... hahaha ...

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