Monday, March 22, 2010

yi juin- the day you left--we learn more

haha!!! i ady promised yj to take care you all the "ma lao" (monkey) la!!! so, anything can ask me now!! haha..

yi juin is just so strong-minded!! she all along appreciate what she has and understand that she is in a comfort environtment. As you know, our yi juin wont just step on the ground.
she wants to be stronger!! so, she went to a place which she hasn't even gone before, all alone!! why?? because she wanna step out!! wanna experience what so different here and there!
she already know that it's not gonna be smooth.. yes, she really knows that. but, you know what she told me? she said she gonna take all the challenges as her lessons, her guides that would lead her to be a better and stronger person!!

she understands that she cant learn more in a comfort area. During the conversation, she said that one in a very comfort zone would not probably know that there are more better places in this world. she made an analogy: one in a position 10 probably wont go higher, but one who is far below 10 and have the willing would probably get to 11, 12, 20 or even 100!!

so, for those who knows that you are inside a comfort area, always appreciate what you have and try to achieve higher!!
for you who think that many things are going against you. Take them as challenges which will make you stronger than nobody else in the world!! like what sh says: everything happens for a reason, and IT SERVES YOU!! it is not our job to change the world and the people around you, we are inside the flow of the circumstances, but it is our job to celebrate the circumstances that exists.

so frens!! I take yi juin as my modal. and I really appreciate the friendship that we have, even I have been in Singapore for almost 2 years!!

we have known each other for alomost 4 years!! and it is not the duration that counts, but what happened in the duration counts!! everyone of us is not an ordinary one, so frens, lets us together, supporting each other and make our own life!! not just a living!!

yi juin, go ahead and explore!! and right now, right here-we, all of us too is in the position to exert ourself!!

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CF said...

good 1 wei loon... and yj rocks!! :)

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