Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to How Cheh!!!


This is a late post.... sorry...

First of all, Happy Birthday to our August guy--- Leng Zai How Cheh!!!!

Wish all your dreams come true ya!!!

p/s: i will keep wishing.... love u all..


Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to YJ!!!!


Happy 22nd Birthday!!! Wish you all the best in US!!!


Monday, April 19, 2010


i found this is nice.. she is a great woman-Oprah Winfrey


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hey, I am finally here, updating myself XD This is the update that I owe all of u..Haha..

So, it'd been 4 weeks I came here. Hmm..Life here is good..I think..Haha..
coz once I step into this country, arrived at Columbus, Ohio, Some Malaysian came to pick me up and brought me to eat dinner.

My first meal was some Indonesian food and they say it's probably the best food we can found in that area, closest to what we used to eat in Malaysia. That meal was terribly bad for me, because at that moment, what I wan is just to get some sleep and I need some personal space.

The first week here was good. I get to mix with all the Malaysian here. All of them are having Spring break, SO they have plenty of time to do some crazy things.
In the very first week, I get to eat homecook "bak Kut Teh"..and some home cooked food..So good isn't it. But I have no contribution la. What I did is just open my mouth and eat. Haha..

Then they brought me to some interesting places Yet it juz made me realise how great our country is..We youngsters have the greatest entertainment: Karaeoke, mamak yum cha, badminton, biggest shopping many..Here is like=.= The Kareoke is like near to extinction here. The songs are from the eighties. Haha..but luckily here still got bubble tea..Happy~

Hmm..U all shud be curious how is the weather here..How's the people here.
Weather here is cold..Cold like HELLLLLLL...So changeable, it's like the mixture of winter and summer. SOmetimes, very very cold, sometimes hot till "tak boleh tahan"..sometimes morning cold, afternoon hot, at nite very cold again..Arh~~

I always wear alot when I am going out..juz realise how fragile I am..COz once the wind blow, I will shiver..Haha..

People here ok ok lo..Sometimes the americans will shot us some stupid look..sometimes they are friedly..Oh, one thing I nid to mention, Here de ppl very like to hold the door for people behind. This is common courtesy for americans and I like it=) then the scenery here is really fantastic. SO many flowers along the street..FOund the best library in the world, where I spent most of my time at..It's like a five star hotel..The design and space are so modern and comfortable.

I always stay in the library till 12 then frenz fetch me bac home. At here, students really nid to study extremely hard. The pace here is so fast. Now is third week, I;ve already done 2 quizzes and midterm is next week. But luckily library is my second home, so I am still able to follow the track=)

Then my dorm, It's a fully furnished single room. I can use kitchen, living room and study area in the house. Everything is perfect.
Then every weekends, all the Malaysian will gather around to chit chat and go for a movie or do some activities for bonding..So tat's about it ba..

This time tell u all things on surface first..Next time will let u all know my feelings and something deeper.=) Take care all my frenz^^

Yi Juin

Saturday, April 3, 2010

happy bday to super good looking wei loon

haha.. like wat u all say he look super super leng zai in 2010...
haha.. happy bday... cin chun suai
stay handsome and hav a great 22nd bday!!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Leng Zai KokLoon!!

21st la!!! not everybody has it now... haha

enjoy your 21 and have a great year ahead!!!

Happy Birthday!!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

My dear frens

Hey im here too...

firstly, yj!! glad tht u r safe in US..missing u vy mch...and i jst received a call fr sh sayin=g tht u all 'skyped'... thnks 4 d updates!

im crying now.. after reading those posts fr u all especially d 1 fr yj.. and replay d video by wl over and over agn i just cant refrain myself fr crying.. seriously, this is d first time feel so touched.. and my heart really melts!! hah..i guess i sounds vy silly and emo huh... cried aftr reading blog???..haha.. thr r many, i would say drastic changes recently.. suddenly evry1 leavn... suddenly this and tht etc etc...sigh.. but u guys dun hav to worry abt me k.. i will b tough. 2 yrs down d line i will b a more + me! thts wat i told yj.. and i will do it 4 sake of myself and 4 u guys, and for those who r concern abt me!! i will never regret anythn no matter how devastating d outcomes hav been, instead i will jst step forward and hav d situationn FIXED! fr this moments onwards whn i c wat i hav been dreaming and thr is a mountain in front of me... im not goin to stand still and wait 4 it to dissapear.. instead i will climd the mountain till i reach d other side!! gotta climd to achieve my dream !

i wished to hug u guys!! especially yj!! i wished to hug u more... i love u guys!!!

I would like to thnk all of u guys 4 ur concern and support..
wl,thnks alot 4 all d calls.. happy 2 hear fr u... i guess now me and sh r d only 2 left in KL.. hah.. but not 4 long.. most prob Sh will b leavn to australia i guess.. sigh.. im all alone here... but i faith in our frenship.. lets meet up more often whn evry1 is bck!! like d saying goes "separation is 4 d reunion"!! without separation thr is no reunion...

so guys let meet up la... or go summ whr la... hc will b flattered to b d organizer i guess.. haha.. this time without yj!! haha.. me intern till 7 may only.. thn hol scl only strt end of may.. lets plan 4 sumthn guys!!..


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