Monday, September 28, 2009

Steamboat Gathering


by wl

Sunday, August 2, 2009

happy birthday to How Cheh

I am not sure will u read this..

Wish your wish will come true
the wish which all the wishes come true



Thursday, June 18, 2009

outing after for long

Dear 38 members,

How are you all lately? busy with life? homework? holidays? exams? dating?
lol...sorry for the wild guess because almost everyone of us dint update our latest news in this do I...perhaps writing blog here is not a habit anymore?

Never mind..let me get started to make we all update ourselves here again...
so..after such a long time..we finally get to meet for dinner at 4 Jun i think...(Sh, Wl correct me if i am wrong), wei loon, siao huoy and siong voon went to Restaurant Hoi Tong, Serdang to have our steamboat, BBQ buffet...aiya..forget to take pictures ler...but it was fun to meet and chit chat...and believe it or not...after dinner, we went to yum cha somemore till 2 think...
talking watever is in our mind..

I think all of us enjoy the conversations although most of it are craps...haha..and there was such a long time I never speak Cantonese with my fren..of course it deteriorates alot think SH is happy to have Cantonese conversations too, rite?..since she speak mostly Chinese and English at school..haha...

Then after dinner and yum and siong voon stay overnight in SH's house lo..coz the next day SH can fetch me to Taylor's ..and SV to LRT station...All the memories came back when we look at pictures of all of us in ST. John last time...ah...really miss the moments we have spent together...^^ although we gossip alot...

14 June 09

Today..we have another outing too..again four of us...but one member has changed...How cheh substitue Siao Huoy in our outing because she is goin to have her final soon...hmm.. Last Sunday, the day before wei loon went back to Singapore..we have a gathering at our old place...Time Square...Nothing much to do..but watching Movie...lepak here and there...oh...we did something..we went to Low Yat and get things tat we needed..haha...

then Have dinner at Jalan Alor lo...Wei Loon really try hard to stuck every delicious food inside his stomach be4 he goes to Singapore..haha...coz he says the food there really not tat tasty...haha...and guess wat..we get to force How Cheh and Wei Loon to drink the "bitter tea" at Jalan Alor...hope How cheh's cough will get well soon la^^
so that's our latest 2 outing this month lo..and the third is coming on this Saturday...So far, Pei Sun, CF, Kf ( the lovely KFC couple, joking a) confirmed coming usual I this 38 Vice president is attending also la...since our respectful President is not around in Malaysia...This weekend may go for a movie or kareoke i think...this is the plan Mid Valley...really can't wait to c CF and KF u all ler...long time dint meet...Cf i think ur hair shud be very long d right? haha...and How cheh who is in Langkawi now may join us la..depend on his mood lu >.<...and Kok loon a Kok Loon...u never reply me ler...bad guy la...>.<

hehe..k la...tat;s all to report lo^^ will update our outing details soon^^
C u guys soon ya...

Yi Juin

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


guess what??

yi juin was here!!

she came to NUS with her lovely BF..

i am so happy!!
when will u all come ah??

Thursday, April 23, 2009


21 la!!
wish my wishes for u come true la!!!

happy birthday!!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


hey guys! i jst cm bck fr leadership camp organised by TARC. 3days 2nghts.... 20,21,22 of march. it is in my muscles so pain!!! i get darker too.. my surprise..TARC has lots of students who can speak vyvy well in english...mst of thm in d camp are dare engh to speak in frnt of ppl...and they speak vy vy well too...

u know wat, d activities were kinda extreme.... 1st nght v had jungle trekn. omg! it tk abt 3.5hrs!!! so exhausted... d hills r vyvy steep. it is vy drk an di didnt brn torchlght.luckily,my group mem r willn to share d torchlght wit me. haha.. of course edn up wit insects bites on my hands and oso scratches fr d thorns of tress.

Tried flying fox!! it is fun!! haha even though i was afraid at first, thx god i tried was fun!!!
besides tht, i oso tried challenging..

Abd oso the high ropes. v hav to wlk thriugh a tiny ropes tht r strecth to one end of platform.. It is abt 5 storey high challenging i almst drop dwn but luckily manage to hld one d ropes...haha i make othrs nervous. thn v have to climb d spider web thng la...i dun knw wat v called i thnk u can imagine rght?? haha

besides tht, v r given ingredients and hav to cook our surprise, it tastes mch mch bttr thn d food provided by d canteen in th camp. the food tht thy provided sucks!!! dun feel like eatn their food bt i had no choice la...

hmm...too bad i dun hav pic to show u all cos hp r nt allwed u knw! haha...i knw it is boring la to c blck and white....neway, hope u guys get d pic of my camp...


Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy birthday to our Leng Zai


kok loon's birthday!!!

happy birthday!!!

although we cant give u any suprise...
not be with u..

hope u wont forget us...

wish you be more leng zai...


Sunday, March 8, 2009


some may forget..

but some dun...

friendship forever...


Saturday, February 28, 2009

happy birthday to siao huoy

hey sh,
i hope u see this..

happy birthday to you!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy birthday to cf

the first to be 21

happy birthday!!(22_2_2009)

wish you
happy and healthy


we,you all & he/she

from we
you all

from you

we are aparts
when you all see one of you
will only ask
how is he/she

we din say "we" for a long time
do we?

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