Thursday, January 31, 2008

cameron-special edition(limited edition)

due to the overwhelming respons wrom the public , i hav no choice but to publish tis special edition...
main actress still siao huoy....
hmmm....wat shud i write ya...

siao huoy the dancing mushroom.....wakaka
although siao huoy looked so shy and blur blur when asked to dance
but i really respect her ....
not because of her dance but her bravery and effort...
do u all know tat it is not easy for a person like her to dance??
wif her S_ ZE, it is incredible la me...
wow...great ...

and after one year studying in upper six i just got to know why u choose to sit wif my BABY o...
both of u share a common thing...
no need i mention ya...38 members knows it very well
hehe...enough d la...stop crapping le la

no more extra episod le la...

sh don angry o...

How How


hahahahahha...finally d 4th day i got SALE!!!!!!!!!
summr speak in BM tim...
bt vy tired la this job evytm hav2OT...i jst rch home...d earliest oso rch home OT thn at 9 only rch...

hope u guys enjoy ur job..hehe

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my very first

haha....these are those breads tat i made by myself o... although look not so nice but those are my FIRST ever bread tat i made in 19years...........taste not bad....don laugh....


hihi..everyone..yoyo..siao huoy also start posting d now we're "big" family d^^reunion d la..wakaka~

anyway..this crazy siao huoy blogging till five o'clock ler, saw her yawning in d school ..haha
but ler..still thanks her to help me mark book de^^

today i reached home bout six thirty ..kinda actual time of time table is only till 12.45 p.m.
you all sure think muz be i hardworking la work till so late..

hehe..actually ler...i today substitue another teacher who was sick..she ask me to teach tuition for her..u know student RM 15 shocked when i know bout d price~

u guys...u all sure cant believe that one student RM 15 is only for one SINGle DAY...wakaka..and i taught five up i can get RM 75~

unbelievable..actually those teachers like that jiu can earn thousand something d ler in one easy..somemore those kids so cute~hehe..

anyway this RM 75 can consider as my first salary sementara usually will get their salary at least 3 really happy and glad la..

coz hard works pay..i today also get praising by those students' parents ler..happy happy^^
so..really enjoy my hard works dear members..gambateh also ya^^


no title

hye hye ... wei loon dun lose hope ...
i need to work on my valentine's day oso ... hahahaha ...

hmmm .. this is the first time im really workin .. it's kinda fun for me la ..
but very tired oso ... stand for 9 hours ... hahaha ...
and alot of ppl come n visit me there ... hmmmm ... first is siao huoy la .. but i think she dunno im workin there la ... then wei loon and yi juin ...

and KUAN LUNG and MUN YI ... didn't expect them to come n visit ... hahaha ...
the first day when they came n look for me .. i was not around and my fren told me that my uncle came n look for me ... then the next day when he come then only i know the uncle was KUAN LUNG ... hahaha

hmmm ... can anyone pls tell me bout the ipta thingy and the upu form ... i got no idea wat to do wif the form .... thankssssss

actually i dunno wat to blog ... jus crappin around ... i better stop here .. hahaha

CAMERON TRIP ( look at wat im pointing) =P

U6sc1 (when everyone's still there)

( when we're gone d ... but i think woon chen is still inside the pic ... he wont leave the school la
... =P )

Support HUJAN !!! Support local bands !!!!

Jus for fun...AGAIN HOW HOW...CAMERON CHAP 4..last one..

A picture represents a thousand words..

Have a look at this..focus on legs ya!!

Dis pic was taken during bbq xmas party 06..but i realized d joke in the cameron trip 08..hor? HUTAN BELUKAR/HUTAN KHATULISTIWA....d SEXY n MAN HUTAN goes on n on.......
~ NO-HUTAN Siao Huoy ~

LEE HOW CHEH!! UR TURN!!! cameron chap 3

Syok ya how cheh...tease me when i m sick la..cameron chap 1 n 2 turn now..looking bac bout our trip to cameron...da second day of our watercress farm..v (except me coz i was d photographer) took a pic der...during da posing, how cheh nearly fell into da watercress pond..but vy unlucky..juz his whole foot dipped into da wet pond..n his shoe got wet..MEMALUKAN..i gues he misund wad v jia left a bit..urm..yj right abit..urm how cheh right a bit...oops...not ur leg ar..i mean ur body ler..pity..tht was too late..'SAM' tung sei me...

Here i attached u all da photo to have a clearer pic...

Cant see How Cheh rite? HOW HOW was hiding..u noe y? malu d ma...of coz la..

btw, nice caption rite? ahem, by me le..

A caption of his shoe after bathing..

~ Photographer Siao Huoy ~

My 3rd Post...

As i have said in the chatbox, i will express my gratitude towards Wei Loon in a formal in post la, k? reali grateful that u've created tis blog...a place for us to mantain our members' relationships, a place for us to get to know bout each other, a place for us to shout out sth tht is inconvenient to say out via word of mouth and of coz a place for us to continue CARING as in GOSSIPING ler..haha..

Suen lei la..proven tht v elected u as our PRESIDENT is not a wrong choice...still so cherish bout US...din fong hei US..WE LOVE YOU!!!!(an eg of sth tht is inconvenient to shout out face2face...kong mm chut ler...siong vomit tim)

And not forgetting ...thanks alot MEI SING..i truly understand how tough it was by teaching an UNCLE to BLOG, u see? T.Q

~ Nian Qing Xiao Hui ~

My 2nd post...a NOTICE..

Yeah...i wanna announce sth to all of u here...reali serious..reali important...PAY ATTENTION!


One of da reason is to capture back da sweet memories of st john n mos importantly is da FACT ma, RITE? hoho...

~ LengLui Siao Huoy ~

My very 1st our dear WEI LOON's everyone...spent bout 1 hour to read thru 20++ posts from all of u..sigh...i m d last to post ler..d outdated 38 sorry wei loon..coz i was not feeling well for da past few days..sob sob..thtz y din reply u via sms bout ur blog...not tht i m not interested..i m of coz..

Now getting better d so tis is my very 1st APOLOGY post to wei loon..

~ Da SINCERE Siao Huoy ~

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i'll not b lonely in tis valentine!!! ~ wei loon

guess wat?
she said:"i really need one, and u appear tis moment..."
"maybe tis is wat we call 'yuan'"
"i need u now"

guess wat??
she accepted me!!
tis is true!!

it just happen today!! 9.15pm
she needs me!!
she needs a tuition teacher!!

she is my 2nd boss!!
she needs a maths and science tuition teacher!!

i'll be the form 4 and form 5 tuition teacher!! in a tuition centre
starting from 14th of Feb 2008!!!
valentine day!!!

single wei loon not lonely la!!!

so exited!!
teaching is my interest!! u know la..
when i teach i'll be very happy!
dun know y ler???

it falls on tat day oh!!
haha... just suit me!!!

know u all hv partners ady...
i'll not feel jealous to u all de lor!!
appreciate wat u all have!!
wish me good luck la!!

~single wei loon

going to be chinese new year~

as ur information, i'll be off from 6 February till 12 Feb.(chor 6) ...
so are we going out together again?
really wanted to have a reunion ler..haha..unlike last time..lack wei loon in d process...
hopefully tis year we can have more memories together everyone plz tell when u'll be free around those days la..kah fai mention earlier as i can c..
i think i'll be back from hometown around chor i'll be AVAILABLE d days onwards..haha

nowadays my school keep on putting those chinese new year songs ler..really have tat kind of environment..but work load also expanding..haha..

bout the post yesterday..i finally find out some ways to comfort myself d..and i DECIDE not to give up my principles..I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY STUDENTS...
haha..feel happy and proud of my own thought...
at least i have to do something for them..be4 i leave at April..
u guys..let c how i create miracles..haha~
(i kinda sot sot d)

so..hope u all have a nice day ya^^

always believe

Let's keep 80 km/j problems, welcome to yijuin's world...and not forget 38 world's~


but now..let me take a rest first..Zzzzz...(^o^")

yijuin-the best b.m teacher in d world(haha..this is my aim la)

Monday, January 28, 2008

my job now ~ wei loon

talking about my job..

u all know la i did so many job b4...
tis one is the most senang 1...


how i got tis job??

it was unbeliveable!
one old old fren suddenly called me and ask
whether i wanna job
sure wan la
tat time looking for job too..
i went interview
tat day i was hired!! geng ler??

how i go to work??

tis is fun
i go there jus by motor!!!
so cool man
so fast can reach
oni 5 minutes
so i can wake up at 8 even start working at 8.30
(dun b jealous)haha

wat is my job??

very easy! as an editor!!
paper work only
look at the paper
see got wat to improve lo
something cool is i can make maths questions!!!
haha! maths is art!! aesthetically pretty!!

how r my colleague??

tis is upset a bit
three chinese partimer as me
4 indian and 10+malays women
hoho.. u can see the malay women face hor
never smile one!
like suffering from deppression!
so next time cant do office work!!
will bcome gila like them!!
sum r good.. know how to smile..
but the smiling face like so so cham..
haha.. oni my smiling face can brigthen them lo..
so charming :-)

how is my ah head??

a lady..
quit nice lo
haha she was a vitorian!!!!
johanian vs vitorian???
after two weeks i oni know!
but she is quit nice de..
bertanggungjawab lo
i like her :-)

how is my boss??

he is great!!
i never hv a boss like him!!
i like him most!!
last time i worked i sure will curse the bosses
but tis one i praise him lo!!!
he is humble,responsible,polite,...and rich etc...

how is the organization??

tis is wat i most interested!!
u know i work not more than 1 month hor..
now i already know how my company operate!!
so cool man
not easy to know de!!
from editorial,printing,processes to marketing i ady know something!!
our company got how many boss is how to build up tis company...
how is the financial operate...etc
i aso know!!
so cool! one little partimer can know so many things!
haha... i sure got my way to know de! dun worry..
it is a legal way!
i wanna know how tis company operate then i oni go!!:-)

conclusion is
for tis time being...
i like my job!!

i'm gonna sick~my day

hihi...juz two days of weekends..feel so glad that everyone of u started to post things up..haha..

so after d weekends, still have to get back to work
as normal..have to wake up at 5.30 to get prepared to school..
haiz~so terrible..sunday night mark book till 3.00 a.m., i juz slept two hours plus..
if those works are properly done , it's still ok..
hey guys...if u think u are d worst one in studies..PLZ DUN HAVE THAT THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Sebagai contoh:

Yj : memberi makanan- (plz use this kata kerja to bina ayat)
Contohnya, Ali memberi makanan kepada ikan

Student 1 : Ali memberi ikan makan kerana ikan itu sangat lapar. (actually they translated in
chinese and finally my student is eaten by the fish)

Yj : memotong rumput- Ahmad sedang memotong rumput manakala Siew Mei sedang
membersihkan kolam.

Student 2 : Ahmad sedang memotong Rambut , Siew Mei menyiram kolam. ( kolam might be
not enough water i think )

Yj : i ask them write god~ask them use the word anak tunggal, anak bongsu, anak emas..

Student 3 : Siao Mei ialah anak tunggal. Dia mempunyai 2 adik, 2kakak dan satu abang..(?????
anak tunggal?? still consider anak tunggal is he?)

Yj : i let them use the peribahasa bagai isi dengan kuku

Student : Persahabatan mereka bagai kawan baik tiada kuku. ( fainted )

Yj : tercungap-cungap- Ali tercungap-cungap setelah berlari 100 meter

Student-(this is made by the good students) Adik tercungap-cungap kerana tertengok kakaknya tidak memakai baju. <- how pure is our standard five student

Ejaan Lisan

Yj : Dua adik-beradik bergaduh kerana mereka menyokong pasukan yang berbeza.

STudent : Dwe aik bereke pergatok k#4$ mereka meyeokin persukan ian berbase.

sobsob~my whole night..being spent wif this kind of work...i teach second class in standard five..but i get this kind of level..."Luckily" i still have d last class..i cant wait those "surprises" from them.

Some of my standard five students even dunno ABC...haha..u know what..
first time of my life..i feel so so so..dunno how to describe my feelings...
haiz..shud i give up? i mean give up those who are really worse..i teach both the good class and bad class in standard 2 and 5.
when the good classes still have d bad ones..and my bad classes.. OF COURSE have lots more.
From the beginning of my teaching life..i have many aim..and hopes..i really dun wan to give up any of my students..
but now speed juz like crawling like a turtle..other malay teacher even teach chapter 3 while i am still in chapter one and a half.

WHat can i do for them???

ask other teacher, they said juz let them be..u can't save all of them..juz make sure the good ones score..

but's contrary wif my concepts and principles...
what should i do? haiz..someone plz tell me...

wei loon, really thanks for asking me to read that articles..i found that i am in the same condition..haha

Yijuin-the helpless and hopeless teacher



Yi Juin: Guess who I saw on sunday. It's Miss Lim, remember who? Neh the temporary teacher that come to take pictures during the pameran for RRVS. Rupa-rupanya she join SJAM in adult division. Know wonder why she look so familiar that day, then she suddenly ask me " You look so familiar, where I saw you before?". Then only remember. She now working temporary as secretary wor, while waiting for posting to other school.

Oh, I don't think my mom remember about the "double angpau" for you lo, muahahaha!

How Cheh: Cis!! Cis!! Wu len deh deh! Go put my fat looking picture! Jahanam! You see la one day, I'll thin until you can't remember me!

Fit fit fai


hopefully next time we see u tat time,
u will be super fit ya....go go jia yu....

how how


of cos i am working d..........
currently i am holding the manager post....
salary offered quite high o....
but one thing tat not tat gud is the working hours..
task given also vary from day to day...
sometimes need the wake up early in the morning and sometimes need to sleep late night...
but overall i enjoy tis job...really

i also take part time job every a driver
every friday need to wake up around 3.00 am to fetch my boss....
quite suffering sometimes...

oh ya....forgot to tell u all what job i am doing....
i am hired by my parents to be my HOUSE MANAGER....
be the driver of my sister who comes back from singapore every friday.....
tats all from me....KL ...hav i answer ur question??haha

how how


hello ...

hye hye ....
wei loon ... thanks for creating such a good blog for us ...

it's really good ... but 1 bad thing is ... this is the first time i'm blogging ..
i spent 30 minutes figuring out how to sign in ... hahahahahaha ...

i'm workin at PAVILION now .... at the PADINI CONCEPT STORE ...

my first time but workin is kinda fun .. come visit me if u all r free ...
yj and wl came n visit me d that day ... thanks ya .. hahaha

i think everyone is workin d except our mr how cheh ... when u wanna work la ...
or u start workin d .. hahaha ... btw .. i jus took my upu thingy ... wat shou
ld i do wif it actually ????

ok .... i have to stop here ... need to go to work d ... morning shift ... take care guys ..

Sunday, January 27, 2008

i'm feeling great ~ wei loon

i did something great...

at first..
i thought it was jus a game i play alone..

thank you my friends..
u all so support this!

i really feel GREAT!
now i only know..
happiness is easy to earn..
jus having frens like u all ady
make up my life..

thanks frens

Happy Chinese New Year


Happy New Chinese Year! Gong Xi Gong Xi! Congratulations to all of you because all of you have been invited to my house during Chinese New Year. All of you are choosen base on gender, age, characteristics, common interest, look ( leng jai, leng lui, watt dat jai and watt dat lui), etc etc. Days you could come are 9th and 10th of February. Er, the time leh, maybe after 10am, hehe, cause by the time I'll be "dou chin" untill mid night, so you know what time I'll wake up la.

Ok, let me tell about my story is........aiya, as told by ching foong already la, read her post.

My new year resolution ( whether it's in western calender or chinese calender) is to be Fit! Don't need to rub your eyes la, you didn't read wrongly. OOooii! Don't laugh! Wulen deh deh!!

All of you "put long pair eyes" la. I'll be tummy-less in no time and be fat-free! Siao Huoy I pity you. I'll no longer be together with you when they tease . MuaHaHahahaha! HoHOhoHOHO!

Ok let me courteously let you know what I've been up to lately. I most probably will be taking psychology course after this. My interest and I think I'll be happy with it. I appeal to all of you to take the subject of your interest.

Eventually if you strive you'll succeed am I right? And you are the one who have to make something out from what you do. We couldn't expect miracle to happen in just a blink of the eye right. So no matter how, it depends on ourselves. It's whether you want to become ordinary or extraordinary.

Hmm, maybe from time to time I'll post some funny anecdotes of mine here to share with all of you. Good idea Wei Loon to open an account for all of us. Let's make it work. That's all for now.

All of you remember, you are the selected ones to come visit me during Chinese New Year! Angpau! Angpau! Angpau!

Fit fit kah fai

cameron chap 2

my main focus still on siao huoy o..
she is really really funny o
she sacrified herself jus to make us laugh and entertain all of us....
besides the alcoholic drink
she even "pok kai" in front of us.....
perhaps in public
in her own style...
nice style siao huoy...

(later i sure get scolded by her )SORRY o...
thanks to her act, we really a have great laugh...
i mean they all laughed not me ya....wuahaha

how how

Ching Foong's here!!!!

VYVY HAPPY..thnks2wl4creating ths blog,didnt xpect it!!!hehe..vy touched leh..HAHAHAHA...i oso blurblur lk yj not really knw hpow2use d blog..i ask4wl and hc help whn thy on9...hahaha..i telling my stories oo..dun get bored wor...hehe

Wah!! i been through the training sessions 4 almst 2 boring! learn abt those stupid sales technic which i dun knw kf say is fun wor.....

d job is terrible loh!!!!! on d callfloor so noisy....all d ppl thr keep making callls 2 get sales...last thursday was my first day of 1 wan2listen2me....HERH!!!!!no sales ah!!!d matter was getting worse d nxt day!!!i got scolded loh whn ask 1 malai2buy d insurance...HERH!!!!
feel so dwn loh..untill my face so sour...NO SMILE at all...untill my senior come2approach me and ask me2smile...evn my fren oso ask me to smile..NO MOOD ah...kena marah,how2smile..

yor!so sad ooo..othr ppl in my campaign got sales ooo...i mean those new comers..some of thm so lucky get a vy helpful senior hlp thm 2 get sales....
NONONO,y i cant read chinese???y????so regret ooo dint learn how2read chinee.those ppl can alot of chinese speakn custmr loh....sobsob.GUYS,u mst be vy glad2master chinese whn u hear these.those topsales set target on chinese customers oo...GUESS WAT!thy earn alot leh...arndRM 2000 comissen loh...

me and kf in d diff campaign loh....i wrkn4HSBC..kf 4 Ambank..sobsob...i no fren edi loh..hav2wrk in kl sentral...cos hsbc will be moving thr...evn ps and kf oso wrk in wisma cham fr 2moro onwrds hav2tk trn and bus2wrk...cant hav lunch wit kf edi..sobsob.SURE VY LONELY LOH


hope tht v will alwys keep in touch...



LooK uP......up up up

Look at the sky..........
full of hopes , dreams, opportunities , laughter
and what makes it even more
is the sun which is shinning on the 38 members
Have a happy day ahead!!!

cameron chap 1

tis trip will not be fun without siao huoy o.....
cant forget the way she looks like when having a bottle of HEINEKEN in her hand...

YES YUMMY wakaka....
cant wait for the night to comes.....
hoping to lose in mahjung so tat the loser hav to drink the alcoholic drink....
being sleepy whole night but when heard someone said "ei ngo dei yam chau lo";
she jumped up and looked so fresh... quickly ran to the fridge and have the drinks ready....
aiyoyo...siao huoy ah siao huoy....

how how

cameron trip

oh ya...we are going to collect those photos in cameron right?
me, siao huoy and how cheh..already collect ours one...
how bout kah fai's and li jia's?

and..someone...^^plz write something bout cameron trip o..
let's make it a memory and besides let our dear president know more bout that..haha

"satu tin"-yj

wonderful starting...38 Union..or Caring Society

hihi..everyone..hehe..first time write blog..felt excited, and really pleased that wei loon create this blog.
a place for us to express our feelings..(actually dun really know how to operate this thingy..feel very nervous, haha)

so..juz wanna write something here..
First of all our 38 members..really glad to have u all in my form six life..i dun really remember when is this union being created..just kept bit memory bout tat time..7 of us sit together then discuss the details bout this union..choosing who is the president, vice president, treasurer all those..pointing each othere..haha..if i am not mistaken..i am the i??? haha..really cant remember..plz correct me if u guys know....but for sure..i know our lovely siao huoy is the treasurer..AS NORMAL..haha..she is the most efficent one among us..

so finally we end our "suffering form six"...ppl might think we feel suffered coz of the heavy studies..but i think we feel suffered coz have no time to gossip so much coz of we?

anyway..i hope we can always know bout latest news of each other here..^^
so..i am going to start reporting what i am doing at this moment..(hope u all won feel bored ya)

at the present, i am being a teacher in sjk(c) chung kwok...along the side of jalan Sulatan Ismail..wif siong voon and siao huoy^^..but me n siong voon are the morning session teacher, while our miss in the afternoon..
i am teaching Bahasa Melayu..(my favourite subject except chinese)...
my teaching life can be considered erm...interesting..coz those "interesting students"..haha..they always will ask "cikgu, bolehkah saya pergi ke tandas???" one period, alomost the whole class will ask this question...
i even will say "ya, boleh..pergilah " in my dream...>.< i've been asked this question bout half a month..more accurately 19 days..including weekends.. so..this is what i am doing these days..wake up early in the morning, teaching, markings...being teased by siong voon and sometimes have lunch wif how cheh..and more oftenly siong voon ( i've no choice) haha... how bout u all?

yijuin-38 member

b3InG a 38 M3mber

38 is established in 2006 ( the dog year in lunar calender).
Being part of it ,
there were lots of "fong fong yu yu"...

OF COS misunderstanding,
unhappiness and lots more...

BUT for sure tis doesnt weeken the bond btw us....
i beliveve tis indeed strengthen our relation and
understand each other more than anyone else...

Happiness is undeniable things tat i experience and gain from 38....
thanks to the members of "sam pat" .i enjoy my life in my upper forms...
thanks to the members of 38 who are so understanding,
and OF COS
myself who often creates problem for u all...
i believe my existance had make 38 more colourful and meaningful...
haha praising myself tim...
pai seh pai seh

how how

Trust me... it last

remember this?

Trust me...
it really can last...


guess who i wanna to thanks???
she is so so so helpful!!!

mei sing
thanks a lot!!!

she is the one who teach me how to use tis blog!!
when i sudenly wanna to create tis blog
i ask whether i could call her and tunjuk ajar a bit
she is so generous
and just say "ok"
tat was already 12.00 a.m. on!!

after 2 or 3 hours
i finally created tis!!!
so so so happy!!

mei sing
thanks a lot
i like wat u said after the 3-hours consultant
even u were so so so tired
u said:
"we r friend, tak kira one"
haha!! i like tis!

mei sing
thank you

Last forever!!

Just feel like to hv a place to share our happiness, sadness, success, failure...
This blog is created for us to share...

we can share our story...
no matter how good or how damn we are...
we just share..

Tis is the place for us to 38
38 members! just be urself!
we all will support each other!

Hope this truely friendship last...
last forever....


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