Friday, May 30, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Perak's trip

i hv already spent 5 days in Sitiawan, Perak for a vacation with my colleagues
the places i went r damn nice!
that was the first time i really spent time to visit so many places!
the life there is easy.... no traffic jam, no pressure...
and the food there r very special! and some more they r all very cheap and yummy!!!
these are the places that i visited these few days

Sitiawan-Lumut-Simpang Pulai-Camerron Highland-Ipoh-Pangkor Island-Teluk Batik-Segari-Damar Laut-Damai Laut-Taman Paya Bakau......and lots more ( cant really mentioned all)

i hv also tried lot nice food there!!! got lot biscuits la.... mee la..rice la... sate.. and lot "Fu Chou" cuisine!!

and one thing very special i did... haha... it was the so called "fortune-telling" or "suan ming" in Ipoh!!!
it was just because Uncle Ding ( my friend's lovely dad, a good man) said it is very exact and accurate one... then i ma jiu try lo.. GUESS WAT the tukang titik said????
haha! i was so shocked!! he can just know that i will go overseas!! he also said that it is "takdir" that i surely will go oversea de.... haha... believe it or not?? but he really knows that!!! and when i asked about will it be difficulties when i go out especially in financial( the thing i worry), he said it will b smooth and no problem, he said someone will help me!!! haha, i was happy to hear that.. i wish it is really accurate!! luckily he also said lot good things for me!!! believe it or not???

actually there are lot stories to tell!! hope to see u all soon then must tell u all!!!
let's these photos tell..

~the teachers~ my colleages~

~Camerron Highland~

~ i like sea ~

~the see turtle~

~this prove that i didn't forget u all~

~wei loon

Monday, May 26, 2008

:-( vs :-)

hmm...looks like im d first among u guys tht enter college/uni first,quite excited cos as u all knw v dun hav 2 sticks 2 so many rules and regulations(can wear wat u like,can skip class,no negaraku,no assembly...and so on...) BUT 2my surprise is not tht fun aftr all...u knw life is so diff

1)last time in school,v hav permanent class room which v can put all our stuffs,bags and v can even decorate our class(evn though v hate it!and force2do it)haha,quite also actually...BUT in colleges there is no permanent class 4 us which means tht evry single time d lesson ends v hav 2 brin our stuffs and bags 2 gethr wit us!!evywhr v go evn2d canteen(haha...remind me of kuan lung...evytm brn bag2canteen..hahaha) cos d lecture hall will b used by othrs.sumtimes evy single subjct tht u hav,u hav2keep changn d location,as u all knw college/uni is not small rght..thn hav2wlk so far!

2)d lectures there always assume tht v knw every thing...thy dun evn bothr 2 tell u wat books 2 buy,wat is important,where2get notes...and so on.and thy dun even infrm u whn d lecture is cancelled!!!which means tht u hav2go 2 office almost everyday2chck up d latest news..OMG!!

3)in school so convenient huh...every mor,5 days a week(mon-fri),7.30-1.10...tht's d FIX!how convenient...and i mst admit tht im so used2it..haha evn though lazy2wk up early la....of cos in college/uni d time,day and evn location r nt fixed!!keep troublesome,everyday hav2chck d schedule and look 4 d lecture halls...sumtimes u evn hav class in d early mor ,thn d nxt class in d late inconvenient!!

4)in school,in d class-got lots of frens chit chat whn teachr nt arnd...and i mst admit tht v r friendly wit each othr rght?hehe...and of cos v knw each and every1 n ur college/uni i mst say d ppl nt vy friendly and sumtimes u nt evn knw who is in ur course..d reason is simple thy can cattend d lectures as frequent as thy others wrds thy can skip d lectures as frequent as thy nt surprising if u cant rem if thy r ur course mates...and of course,once d lectures finished.every1 will b takn their stuff and jst jumped out of d lecture hall wit their respective myslf 4 nt makn lots of new frens???

hmm...i knw la is jst a few days in colleges...mayb i shouldn't judge d life in college nt complaining nor dissappointed...cos im young adult nt kids anymr should learn how2adjust to d environmnet.i jst saying wat i doesnt mean tht im so -ve abt d life in college...hmm,who knows a few weeks ltr i will b writting abt my happy stuffs in college..hehe,hopefully.i guess i jst hav learn2adapt to d new stdy life..

conclusions...i MISS school!!!!i MISS my frens!!!!i MISS u guys!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I am still who I am!!!

i am here to tell u all that i hv decided la...

i will go singapore!!!
i will take the Material Science and Engineering in NUS...

as what i hv told u all that actually i really have the problem especially in financial...
but i choose to go...
i know it is not easy..
but i dun wan to quit...
i dun wan to give up...
i just dun wanna to regret one day...
i wanna to fight for what i am so so so badly want...
and now it is the chance, it is the opportunity to let me fulfill it!!

i know everything will fall in place!

~wei loon

A Good Starting

i hv stepped my first step on the stage in front of more than 3000 year3-6 pupils and teachers today, just to let the students know that there are a lot of funny ways to study the boring subjects...

actually, it was a opportunity for me to teach them how to use some memory techniques in their study, i am not their teacher actually since i only teaching in the afternoon session.. i was just informed by the headmaster and teachers on last Friday that they hoped i would come out in the assembly to do so... of course i will try my best to do very well in this even it is in limited time!

i am so so so happy when i see they all can use the technique to solve their problems in their study!! they all can remember the horoscopes, eight planets, some telephone numbers, vocab...
just a 20-minutes talk in the stage, i helped thousands of peoples!! haha!! (so great am i!)

after the talk, the teachers all know me ady.. even tough i do not know them(because i am in the afternoon session, and they are all in morning session) but they will give me a friendly smile to me... :-) hihi!! i become famous lo!!

and one thing which is the most unexpected and happiest is one student suddenly come approach me and great me and he say in chinese:" Teacher, from now on i will study well and study hard...."
wow... it was so so so touching!! after that, i only realise from a teacher that "this student is a hyperactive student, he ady gave too much troubles to the schools and teachers... but it is weird that he will great you and promise you to study well!!" wow again... i think i am too sacred!! haha!

but isn't it this feeling is the greatest present from your students???
i think it is!!!

that is why i always say:" Teaching is the most joyful and happiest thing to do!!"

these are some photos captured in today's morning event:

~the year-3 to 6 students~

~i was giving the talk~

~the hyperactive student and i~

this is not the end...
on this friday which is teacher's day... i will again give the detailed talk to all the teachers...
i hope i can conduct it well...
hope what i hv give the teachers will then benefit the students!!!
and i hope that the students will then turn into a new leaf and hv a good cycle as so in their next generation...
isn't it a good karma???
it is definitely YES!!!

~wei loon

Sunday, May 11, 2008


~the great woman behind wei loon~




Hai~~~~YAh!!! [flying kick..]

Don't mess with Ching Foong, neither do I.
We can defence ourselves now, don't play play. Don't mess with us.

Cut the crap. Yup, Cf and I did learned self-defence. We attended the R.AGE self-defence workshop held at The Summit, USJ yesterday. It was open to form six and tertiary students. The workshop was conducted by the Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia (YAM).

At first I were kind of anxious as I feared that this kind of self-defence class participated mostly by female participants. And Cf in the car kept scaring me saying "Fuyoh, later become centre of attention....DA ONLY GUY there". And I soothed myself saying "No need to worry ge, came here to accompany my gf lo". Haha.

The workshop starts at 8.30a.m but we were just only passing by Tesco Extra at that time. Hehe, my fault technical problem in setting my alarm clock.

It was 8.55a.m. Luckily when we arrived they were only warming up. The first thing I checked out for were not whether the session commenced or not but whether there were ANY GUYS THERE! Hmm...yup, I saw male figure. Wait, they were instructors. Ah...found. ~phew~~! Can walk in with relief.

The session wasn't what all of you thought to be: seminars dully, talk talk talk and end. Nop, most of the time we were able to get practice the moves...ahem of course cf and I partner la....
It was fun. They taught us basic moves from non-aggressive to aggressive moves. Dislodge from someone's grip to bringing down someone and disarm the attacker to learn how to fall safely.

3Ps and 3Ds that we need to be mind of.
Perception - be aware of the surroundings, look for people behaving suspiciously, don't sms-ing while walking

Proximity - maintain distance from others, 2-4meters if could,

- get physical when threatened, the last thing you should ever do.

The 3Ds are actually the subsets of the last

And we can tried the moves on each other. Very pain! Especially the wrist. And geng ah, Cf get to push me down the mat without much force. Haha, don't mess with her wei...hehe.

At about 30minutes before the session end, we were given the opportunity to ask any scenario and they show us how to 3Ds. Here it is :
Demo --> <--
Demo2--> <--

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

every cloud has its silver lining

haha...hey guys..i'm back...really feel very is my peak of busy period..coz my school is having minggu Bahasa Melayu..have endless books to mark...and have to handle application of uni...haiz..everyday live under perssure....>.<

at the moment, i was waiting result of application from National University in Singapore...
but the chance getting my first choice of course(bioengineering) not high...
as i heard from Peisun , Singapore is developing a BIoCity...which means tat every courses that related to Biology will become EXTREMELY POPULAR...sobsob...
therefore i cant get courses that i demand from NANYANG...the result was out last few weeks...when i get to know tat...i was so upset and down..feel so direction, aimless...
but at last...luckily i wake up and start searching courses in Private U..and i found tat TAylor and Help were offering these courses too...although i can wait for local U..but my biology teacher told me tat..the equipment there not really good..and sometimes they will teach english textbook in Bahasa Melayu..and we still have to take subject like Pengajian Am...therefore..i decided not to study in local U..

I made a decision...i am going to study in Taylor...aiming on America Transfer Degree...i hope can pursue study in Austalia^^...from internet..i found tat the course tat i demand is quite popular in Australia...and well taught there...maybe i can get better education there perhaps....

Actually everything also got pros and cons ba...if i get offer from singapore...and if i be able to go there..i've to compete wif ppl all around d world..and maybe being boycott by Singaporean(this is wat i heard)..but now...if i study in Taylor..i will be able to go overseas(this is my dream) and have 2 years to get prepared for overseas education...this may be the good things ba^^

^^ so..this is wat i am doing so far^^...hope to fulfill my dreams lu^^wish me luck ya..muakz..miss u guys..

hope to c u all soon...


Friday, May 2, 2008

Mali mali hommmm

Chak !!!



hi,1stly wan2knw how r u all guys?? hope tht all of u r fine and fit fit miss me onot le?hehehehe...sure got la hor...

i still at home lo do nthn so sien-tv,slp,on9...yer!!life seem 2 b so meaningless le..hehe

4ur information guys,on 20th a new strt 4me & oso hc...hehe..cos hc will sitting 4 his entrance exam 4 uni in indon....and as 4 me...i will b goin 2 TARC 2study accountancy guys wish us good luck la....hope tht it will b a good strt4me and hc...hehe.

hmmm,dun knw isit a rght decision2chnge2arts...u i hav been studying in sc stream 4 abt a decade..hahaha..neway,i thnk no harm changing our cup of tea regardless of how long v hav been drnkn d tea,rght?-providing tht v knw wat type of taste tht v wan..hehehe..so4this moment i will go TARC,ltr on if im fortunate enough 2 get local u...4 tht moment only c how lo..hehe..

so abt 2weeks time le i will strt schooling liao hehe....dun knw im happy or sad le???i oso hav no idea le...

tht's all la 4 now...U GUYS BLOG LA.....V GOT 7 PPL LE...


Thursday, May 1, 2008


bukan aku don't want to blog ni,
last time i dint blog you all say me,
when the time for me to blog then you all busy,
hidup memang macam ni.

Anyway, at home a bit bored, but thanks to those DVDs i have i'm still alive. Learning to play song in piano. Fun!

Did i mention that me and cf went to Tioman? Cant take pictures during snorkeling because we scared that our camera being stolen and since our camera not water proof so no use. But turn out when we reach at snorkeling stops, those people joining us on the same boat even put their camera JUST LIKE THAT ON THE BOAT! ? The camera lying there NAKED on the seats of the boat as if the camera has no value to the owner and waiting for people to take it. Damn, we should had brought it together.

Anyway, the corals...magnificent! Fun swimming with colourful fishes and coral. And the water is crystal clear! However, the corals are dying. So i plead all of you to save the planet. Do our part, even if it's very small part. It makes the difference.

Fitfitfai & cf

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