Sunday, September 28, 2008

one question

I have one Question:

Why do you all continue your tertiary education?
for what and whom?


Monday, September 15, 2008


hello... how are you all ar?

i know one of the senior from st. john in NUS... thru email only, not met yet, is Mrs Cheng give me his contact de..

here is some of the thing wanna share with you all... since you all are also Johannians...

here is what he wrote to me:

"In life, too, you are certain to experience many difficulties and suffering, but when you overcome them, they will all become beautiful memories. They will be the bright spots of your life and your most valuable treassure. I therefoe hope that you will never be afraid of hardship. Please face all your challenges courageously!"-Daisaku Ikeda. I hope this quate by Daisaku Ikeda can be a source of motivation for you.


Thursday, September 4, 2008


i knw all of r bz wit our 4 me nowadays i do ntn mch la...sum of u will nw y.cos d exam is comin la,ths sat..and it is a long 1 since i got so many will only end in 3rd week of fun stdying le..and abit scared lo cos frst time nthaving exam in scl.hehe..and abit gan jiong oso la..hehe...u al mst thn tht i sot edi..haha...aiyah! dun knw wat2say me luck la!!



just wanna post something


i am wei loon here!! dun know why, just feeling like to post something...

u know, these days i really felt too bad and so stressed and finally i sick now.. haha, but dun worry, wei loon will be fine soon..
u know? when i felt so bad, the people i think of is you all and finally i picked up the phone and called yj.. thanks yj... u really made me feel better.. remember tat u asked me whether was i crying that time... haha.. actually i was not.. only tears... hehe

now, still feeling a little bit sick and my works also hv not done yet...

to be honest, i really felt like too stressed up here... when i went in the lecture and don't understand at all... really!!! really is at all!!! and when the endless meeting during the night... make me really feel like do not have time to take a deep breath.. not even say i have time to study.. suddenly i felt like my world collapsing...

but why do i write this post is not to tell you that wei loon can not go on anymore,
but to tell you... i will continue to go on...and wei loon is now stronger..

i just feel like i really stronger than the one i was yesterday...
what in my mind now is the origin reason i come here... is to train myself..

the training is now on
and what wei loon do is to fight on

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I guess is my turn 2 say sorry..wanted2cry whn read d blog le...haih...i guess is my fault oso la...didnt update really sumtimes i really dun knw wat2post le cos nthn special here..and nowadays my comp is full of virus...and keep on hanging...haih...excuses!!!bt i definitely sill care 4 u all lo.especially wl,like wat sh said v r worry abt u whn ther's no news fr u...i knw u r far away fr fam,frens bt u mst b strong,..and of cos jst go 4ward..v will supprt u!!hope it is not 2 late 4 me 2 show tht i care 4u all...LONG-LIVE 38MEMBERS!

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