Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hey 38,

This is an official invitation to all of you (strictly 38members ONLY) to my house during D-Chinese New Year from D-fitfit fai. Feel free to visit my house during D-CNY.

And I would like to know the availability of all of you from when onwards you all are free, and when all of you are going back to your respective Uni so that we can have a Bai Lin Marathon. RSVP.

Thank you! Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas and happy new year


merry christmas and happy new year to all

be happy


Friday, December 5, 2008


Hey guys..I am free FInally...juz finished my finals just now...Really JUST...haha..from 8 to
so what u guys planning? Are we going to meet at Wei Loon's house on 13? Haha..really cant wait to c u all...
time really fliesssssssssssssss...i had finished one semester just like tat..Although there are a lot of unhapiness and stress...but u know..rite after i get my "independence"..I felt sad u know..Lol..
start waiting the next semester to come..(I guess How Cheh will say "This is madness! ")lol..

In this semester, I really gain alot anyway..U know..I nearly lost myself..There was a period I was pushing myself too much, Struggling to get high scores..So depressed that my instructor gave marks based on impression.. there was really a time I cant even recognise myself..LIEW YI JUIN= monster that only cares about u know...the life here in Subang is really so dull and boring..NO TV, no outing for THE WHOLE only entertainment was juz that one or one and a half hour going out to have dinner wif frenz...basically i spent most of my time in Library and studies..So i will be dissapointed if i cant get good score as I AM JUZ FOCUSSIng mainly on it rite?, i think as a students.,.we really should play..and join more that won turn into A MOSTEr..haha..wat a good excuse^^

However, I did regain myself..I have advices and care from my family, frenz and even instructor..(of Course, this instructor is so extraordinary..He is my idol!) haha..maybe i will post the photoes up in these few days^^ I really get inspired alot..And now..Basically i will start enjoying myself..and u guys...GET PREPARED to receive my calls...^^ I will keep "Kacau" u all soon...

And and in two weeks time i will get my result thru post...Hope will inform u all with good news ya( i really have to guard my mail box around those days) will be sent to my parent's name anyway..Haha..

K lar...hope to meet u all soon..DUn Miss me

Yi Juin

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