Monday, April 28, 2008

HYE !!!

hello ... im back oso ...
actually i wanna post oso but no one posting n replying ...
so i stoped d ... hahaha ... my bad .... sorry sorry

eh ... im not jus pak tor only lo ...
im giving free tuition to my bro ... hahaha
n trying to improve my photoshop skills ... i know it's lame
n im renovating my room ... wanna change all the wall colour ... hahaha
but im seriuosly bored now ... i really wanna go work ...
feel like being a tuition teacher ... i wan ppl to praise me leng chai oso ... hahaha
mr. lee so leng chai ... mr. thoo oso leng chai ... hahahaha ... jk jk

i dunno wat to write d ... jus post some of the photo i edited


Sunday, April 27, 2008



just to bored................

nth to do.....

nth to think.....

nth to play.............


yijuin is back

hey, everyone...really long time dint blog d...haha..sorry for tat..coz there're quite sometime din c u guys blogging, then felt tat very boring lu..haha..very bad hor me...sendiri din blog say ppl pula..haha

so..i am still being a teacher lo...find tat myself start adapting teacher's life...handling students..give them encouragement..trying to give them my very best..haha I really hope tat i can help them to improve wif one and a half month left..either attitude or studies

i am not sure whether i will make other teacher feel uneasy..coz at d present..i always ask students stay at my office when they are teach them extra knowledge...chit chat...sometimes..really feel not so good, when some teachers pass by..wif "tat kind" of look...

anyway..who cares...i won spent my life there for long..i juz doing the rite things...haha..

but..really scared i will cry on my last day..coz they are so sweet..some even write me "love letter" during my birthday..^^ they made me feel i suddenly have a bunch of kids at d same time..haha...

oh ya, wif this opportunity..i wan to thank u all for d dinner we spent together on sunday...and i really feel touched for d presents..haha...wei loon's "satu tin"...kok loon's special card..Hc's special "photo frame" and d small little rabbit..kah fai and cf's sweet t-shirt...and everything..thanks..haha..i really have a wonderful nite..never went to so "high" place to celebrate ler...^^really appreciate it...

so..that's d end of my blog la...bit boring o sorry..haha..anyway i will keep blogging de o..dun worry u guys..waiting for our next outing during school holidays..wei loon already had a plan for it...BE PREPARED~


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Unbelieveable? Believe it.

Guess wat...during my past one week teaching in chung kwok....
i heard lots of words from the students
which i never heard it from others since i was young...

When i enter standard one, a students shouted..."wah , lau si so leng chai one"
haha...den not enuf,,,,
a girl approach me and said..." cikgu lee, they all jus now say u leng chai"
Aiyo....damn happy la...
no one say tis to me b4 a...

then i enter standard six....the students there call me SI KACAK
wakaka.... Cikgu mengapa kamu begitu kacak???
wat can i do at tat moment...of cos scold them o...

as i walked along the corridor to standard five,
i heard some students said, "wah, so yeng one tis teacher!!"
then i pretend din see them,,,,

I entered standard 2 for one day only and the next day they seem to be very close to me,,,
smilling and came to my side to wish me " LAU SI WU AN"

HAppiest moment in my life!!
u all shud ask urself,,,, as a fren of mine,, have u all say that to me??
a simple praise will give others happiness
although i agree i hav more inner beauty than my physical appearance ,
but this kind of praising really make me feel more confident...

Kids will never lie,,, WHAT TO SAY standard six students...
so u all must think once again ..have u all miss something previously??

Before i left the school , the students ask for my msn...and they really added me..
many of them so more,,,,
really enjoy my day with them...
Perhaps i shud back to my childhood life...


Friday, April 25, 2008

I am happy...happy...happy.....wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2day i consider myself to hav the happiest day....i hav set myself free...
free from a tiring world and free from uncertainty...
thanks to a true day and true words...
thank you...really...

In not more than a month i will hav to sit for an exam exam tat will determine my future..
my credibility...
but i have promised to myself for not letting down myself anymore...
If previously i dun make use of my time very well,,,now i will change
if i waste lots of time last time, i will change...
i will change myself to be a new person..
my attitude , my character and everything tat needs to be change
so i wont repeat the history again...
a brand new how cheh will be presented to u all in a very short time from now...
hopefully my changes will bring me fortune and my goals in life...

KF, KL.....the 2 house manger,,,,so free also dunno how to blog isitt
esp fat d still dunwan exercise least exercise ur fingers...type something...
KL more worst....only know how to pak toh... no more heng dai d la??..
prove it to me tat u r not.... post something...


Thursday, April 24, 2008


aiyoh!!!!!!!!!! vyvy sien la...whn nt wrkn,whn wrkn will b 2 bz...
haih...actuallt looking 4ward2d nxt outing wit u all lo..cant stnd it,2sien edi..
ei,whr r u guys leh???didint blog ge?hehe,i knw i oso didnt blog4a longt ime now i mai blog lo..

evydy tot of goin4a wlk at lest can keep fit mah..hehe,bt till nw i only slp and eat and tv and on9..which is vy sien.smmr whn i on9,no1 is on9..i wondering wat u guys r up2????especially those tht r nt wrkn le..

haih..vyvy sien la...

OH YEAH hor...
any of u knw abt d song name gloomy sunday???yier!!!vyvy scary le,is the hungarian suicide song.according2d theory hor..evy1 tht listen 2 ths will commit suicide eerie..
i go2youtube2check abt the song..cos i really curious le,how come ths song can mk ppl commit suicide???this song is composed by a hungarian composer.he killed himself aftr listening 2 d song tht he composed himself lo..and his wife oso poisoned herselt aftr listening 2 it.cos thy saying tht this song brings out the depression in human beings.d phrase tht i caught in youtube:DO YOU BELIEVE THIS?STARE INTO THE PICTURE AND LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE SONG!! i jst listen abit only thn dun dare2listen lo,cos vyvy scary lo...hmm...mayb u guys shld listen d song2gethr wit me,and c wat will happen...hehe...



WEI! im serious le.....wan2listen2d song wit u guys cos i dun dare2listen it all by myself ..i really vyvy curious le..


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


23rd of April...
happy birthday to our lovely yi juin!!


谢谢你 给我温暖脆弱时候在我身旁
谢谢你 陪我成长路上风风雨雨
阳光一路陪伴 成长更勇敢
朋友一路陪伴 星光更灿烂

* 这是《有你在身旁》这首歌的一部分。

lastly, happy birthday again! be happy forever!

~wei loon

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who is dying from pancreatic cancer, gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy Auditorium.
i think this is very meaningful...
so, wanna to share with u all...

"Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things." - Randy Pausch.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

wei loon is here!

wei loon is here! but.... where r u all???

how r u all, my frens??
i really miss u all ler...

post something la!
wanna to hear from u all la..

i know u all got view this blog de..
but why ler? dun wanna post?
erm... just tell us that how u all being la...

wei loon is fine here...
everthing is on track...

wish u all: all the best!

Yours trusted: wei loon

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday

Wei Loon,

happy birthday! wsh u all the best in life. May all yr dreams come true


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Too free?

Explain about what you do when you are "too free". Provide relevant prove and example to support your explanation.

Hahaha, when I'm free what I do ah? I'll sit around and wander around lo. Take pictures lo.

Sunny day : Take pictures of beautiful sky with magnificent hues I would never thought a sky could produced.

Rainy day : As people would thought that there isn't much to take pictures with.

Wrong! Wrong!

I'm have this weird hobby, taking pictures of skies and clouds. Can't explain why. I find it fascinating.

Just to post another meaningless post can't meh?!! herh..nothing to do ma

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