Sunday, April 27, 2008

yijuin is back

hey, everyone...really long time dint blog d...haha..sorry for tat..coz there're quite sometime din c u guys blogging, then felt tat very boring lu..haha..very bad hor me...sendiri din blog say ppl pula..haha

so..i am still being a teacher lo...find tat myself start adapting teacher's life...handling students..give them encouragement..trying to give them my very best..haha I really hope tat i can help them to improve wif one and a half month left..either attitude or studies

i am not sure whether i will make other teacher feel uneasy..coz at d present..i always ask students stay at my office when they are teach them extra knowledge...chit chat...sometimes..really feel not so good, when some teachers pass by..wif "tat kind" of look...

anyway..who cares...i won spent my life there for long..i juz doing the rite things...haha..

but..really scared i will cry on my last day..coz they are so sweet..some even write me "love letter" during my birthday..^^ they made me feel i suddenly have a bunch of kids at d same time..haha...

oh ya, wif this opportunity..i wan to thank u all for d dinner we spent together on sunday...and i really feel touched for d presents..haha...wei loon's "satu tin"...kok loon's special card..Hc's special "photo frame" and d small little rabbit..kah fai and cf's sweet t-shirt...and everything..thanks..haha..i really have a wonderful nite..never went to so "high" place to celebrate ler...^^really appreciate it...

so..that's d end of my blog la...bit boring o sorry..haha..anyway i will keep blogging de o..dun worry u guys..waiting for our next outing during school holidays..wei loon already had a plan for it...BE PREPARED~


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