Thursday, April 24, 2008


aiyoh!!!!!!!!!! vyvy sien la...whn nt wrkn,whn wrkn will b 2 bz...
haih...actuallt looking 4ward2d nxt outing wit u all lo..cant stnd it,2sien edi..
ei,whr r u guys leh???didint blog ge?hehe,i knw i oso didnt blog4a longt ime now i mai blog lo..

evydy tot of goin4a wlk at lest can keep fit mah..hehe,bt till nw i only slp and eat and tv and on9..which is vy sien.smmr whn i on9,no1 is on9..i wondering wat u guys r up2????especially those tht r nt wrkn le..

haih..vyvy sien la...

OH YEAH hor...
any of u knw abt d song name gloomy sunday???yier!!!vyvy scary le,is the hungarian suicide song.according2d theory hor..evy1 tht listen 2 ths will commit suicide eerie..
i go2youtube2check abt the song..cos i really curious le,how come ths song can mk ppl commit suicide???this song is composed by a hungarian composer.he killed himself aftr listening 2 d song tht he composed himself lo..and his wife oso poisoned herselt aftr listening 2 it.cos thy saying tht this song brings out the depression in human beings.d phrase tht i caught in youtube:DO YOU BELIEVE THIS?STARE INTO THE PICTURE AND LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE SONG!! i jst listen abit only thn dun dare2listen lo,cos vyvy scary lo...hmm...mayb u guys shld listen d song2gethr wit me,and c wat will happen...hehe...



WEI! im serious le.....wan2listen2d song wit u guys cos i dun dare2listen it all by myself ..i really vyvy curious le..



wei loon said...

i dun know..
but i think that is too negative..
it is not my cup of tea!
i wont listen!
u too please dun listen!
attract positive things!

kokloon said...

i think the composer die after listening to it bcoz he cant take it that he wrote such awful song ... hahha

yj said...

haha...i agree wif kok loon ler...but hor...ppl also say will die de song...then mar dun listen lo..i also got curious after watching one of the episode in tv...but..haha..dare not and lazy to find...


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