Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Leng Zai KokLoon!!

21st la!!! not everybody has it now... haha

enjoy your 21 and have a great year ahead!!!

Happy Birthday!!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

My dear frens

Hey im here too...

firstly, yj!! glad tht u r safe in US..missing u vy mch...and i jst received a call fr sh sayin=g tht u all 'skyped'... thnks 4 d updates!

im crying now.. after reading those posts fr u all especially d 1 fr yj.. and replay d video by wl over and over agn i just cant refrain myself fr crying.. seriously, this is d first time feel so touched.. and my heart really melts!! hah..i guess i sounds vy silly and emo huh... cried aftr reading blog???..haha.. thr r many, i would say drastic changes recently.. suddenly evry1 leavn... suddenly this and tht etc etc...sigh.. but u guys dun hav to worry abt me k.. i will b tough. 2 yrs down d line i will b a more + me! thts wat i told yj.. and i will do it 4 sake of myself and 4 u guys, and for those who r concern abt me!! i will never regret anythn no matter how devastating d outcomes hav been, instead i will jst step forward and hav d situationn FIXED! fr this moments onwards whn i c wat i hav been dreaming and thr is a mountain in front of me... im not goin to stand still and wait 4 it to dissapear.. instead i will climd the mountain till i reach d other side!! gotta climd to achieve my dream !

i wished to hug u guys!! especially yj!! i wished to hug u more... i love u guys!!!

I would like to thnk all of u guys 4 ur concern and support..
wl,thnks alot 4 all d calls.. happy 2 hear fr u... i guess now me and sh r d only 2 left in KL.. hah.. but not 4 long.. most prob Sh will b leavn to australia i guess.. sigh.. im all alone here... but i faith in our frenship.. lets meet up more often whn evry1 is bck!! like d saying goes "separation is 4 d reunion"!! without separation thr is no reunion...

so guys let meet up la... or go summ whr la... hc will b flattered to b d organizer i guess.. haha.. this time without yj!! haha.. me intern till 7 may only.. thn hol scl only strt end of may.. lets plan 4 sumthn guys!!..


yi juin- the day you left--we learn more

haha!!! i ady promised yj to take care you all the "ma lao" (monkey) la!!! so, anything can ask me now!! haha..

yi juin is just so strong-minded!! she all along appreciate what she has and understand that she is in a comfort environtment. As you know, our yi juin wont just step on the ground.
she wants to be stronger!! so, she went to a place which she hasn't even gone before, all alone!! why?? because she wanna step out!! wanna experience what so different here and there!
she already know that it's not gonna be smooth.. yes, she really knows that. but, you know what she told me? she said she gonna take all the challenges as her lessons, her guides that would lead her to be a better and stronger person!!

she understands that she cant learn more in a comfort area. During the conversation, she said that one in a very comfort zone would not probably know that there are more better places in this world. she made an analogy: one in a position 10 probably wont go higher, but one who is far below 10 and have the willing would probably get to 11, 12, 20 or even 100!!

so, for those who knows that you are inside a comfort area, always appreciate what you have and try to achieve higher!!
for you who think that many things are going against you. Take them as challenges which will make you stronger than nobody else in the world!! like what sh says: everything happens for a reason, and IT SERVES YOU!! it is not our job to change the world and the people around you, we are inside the flow of the circumstances, but it is our job to celebrate the circumstances that exists.

so frens!! I take yi juin as my modal. and I really appreciate the friendship that we have, even I have been in Singapore for almost 2 years!!

we have known each other for alomost 4 years!! and it is not the duration that counts, but what happened in the duration counts!! everyone of us is not an ordinary one, so frens, lets us together, supporting each other and make our own life!! not just a living!!

yi juin, go ahead and explore!! and right now, right here-we, all of us too is in the position to exert ourself!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

i am back too

hey guys....
it has been a long long long time i din log in into tis webpage le...
i pray hard tat our frenship will never sank forever...
everyone is leaving and getting further from each other le...
although i am the one who seldom go outing wif u all and d anti social member in 38 but at this moment i really hope we can meet more often..
the heat of the true frenship is getting more obvious le la...
i will b having holiday from 1st of may till july o...
so why not plan someething during these 2 months....
this time without yj..
dun let her join this time...
let her see how happy we are in malaysia..wuahahaha


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yi Juin

Hey..after all this while..Only Wei Loon keep viewing this blog and update those birthday wishes..but the rest of us..taking his hard works for granted!!

So I decided to spark up our friendship again by posting things o..Plz PLZ...feel free to update urself..

SO now is 6th Of March..14 more days I'll be leaving this lovely country and left behind all my beloved friends...Today, I cried for d video that recorded all our sweet memories..I realised evryone of us has changed..all become more "presentable"..Haha..perhaps 2 years of form six is kinda destructive..stressed us out all d while..

Hmm..I dunno what to say to you guys be4 I leave..U know..I am not good in saying Goodbyes..I am better in saying "hi"..as wei loon said..I never missed any outing or gathering since we graduated from high school..But now..I am the one who is going to be ABSENT for a long time..>.< I am sorry..really wanted to stay and share those happy moments with u all in the coming years..But I have to leave..to explore the other side of the world.. So that I can discover myself more..to c to what extent I can survive..

My future is full of uncertainties..But one thing I am very certain about..is Our FRIENDSHIP..that I believe NO MATTER HOW LONG THE TIME IS, HOW FAR WE ARE APART..we will still be BEST FREN..I will always remember all of u..

Wei Loon: the philosophical man, the most mature one and shine with leadership among us..My most respectful 38 president

Siao Huoy: The most amazing "walking calculator" in the world..tough, efficient made you such an attractive woman..you charisma is incomparable..you r d most special girl I ever met=) I know now is a hard time for you..But I believe u can make it!! I will always love=)

Ching Foong: The sweetest girl that has the sweetest smile I ever met. Your smile is more precious than anything on earth, so please keep it..Never let it dissapear ok=)I know things are not going smooth these days..but always believe there is someone will always be there you.I am willing to be the one=) although not "physically"..u know what I mean^^

Kok Loon: The handsome one=) As always, u are still the most handsome one in our group! U used to let us worry alot..PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR HEALTH!!!Although I cant always supervise u like last time..Dun let u eat sweets..But I know u can handle things very well! I'll always miss u..=)

Kah Fai: Seems like u r d only one I lost contact with..I mean spiritually=) anyway..I am still looking forward to know u more..I will still have the chance right?=) I am coming bac, still!!

Lastly, How Cheh: I dunno what to say except saying "Thank You", and "sorry"..I think our friendship is the most precious thing that I get in form six..The one that who always know how to make me smile, who make me want to share every single thing in life with, who understand me more than I do..Because of you, I had a great life!! I dunno how to return ur favor..
but If I have d chance, please let me make u happy as u did..=) I will miss u definitely!! Thanks for making my life sparkling with happiness..U r d greatest person I ever met=)

I do not know when u all gonna c this..But I really hope..one day..soon in d future..we can still do something crazy together..

To my best frenz...I love you all...Thanks for being in my life..I treasure it!!!& please DO NOT FORGET ME!!!

Happy 4th Anniversary!!

Hope you all like this :)

~Long live 38member~

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