Thursday, June 26, 2008

y?y?y?y...treat me like this...rght nw all d lyrics of my favourite songs comes 2 my head....
all sad song!!!! i dun knw is it hatred?disappointment?? argh>>>.jst hate it!!!
i dun wan 2 hurt and dun wan 2 b's just tht simple!!!! im not greedy,nt asking mch!!!
y cant u grant my wish??'s nothing personal!!! nt a place2tlk abt my personal things...jst wan2write sumthn...argh!!once again it's nthn personal...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

move further

it is the time we all enter the university la...

good luck gals and guys!!!

kokloon, johor very near to singapore!!
we can find each other easily!!!

siao huoy, have u decided ah??

how about others?

good luck
good future

~wei loon

Monday, June 16, 2008


The Law of Attraction ~ must see!!!

u must see this!!!
a must!!!!
u must!!!!
u must see this!!!
u really must see this!!!

~wei loon


i wanna post
but nothing to say

i miss u all
but don't want to see u all

i want to sleep
but not sleepy

i want holiday
but don't want to be so free

i don't want to be at home now
but yet don't want to go out

i want to rest
but lot works waiting for me

what i want?
i don't know

what i don't want?
i know
can not get out from it

who am i..
i am me...

~wei loon

Friday, June 13, 2008

The big day

Hmm, I'm sure all of you know the result for university are coming out next week by Wednesday.

I hope all of you get the choice you longed for. Whether or not you entering local university, I still wish you get it.

I'm using Law of Attraction to attract my first choice, hahaha. Come to me come!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Family

hahaha ... it's me ... i'm kokloon ... ching foong .. it's me ... im the one who post this ... hahaha
hmmm .. since i edit the pic of 4 of our members ... me , wl , yj and hc ...
so now .. i'm posting the pic of other members ... kf, cf and sh .. hahaha
then only fair rite ... if not i scared cf or sh say i not fair ... '' how come dun have my pic ?? "
so im posting it ... hahaha ... rite ??? have fun ...
i found out kf n cf got '' fu chai seong '' ... hahaha .. enjoy


Monday, June 9, 2008

The 100th Post

here is the 100th post

wei loon ~ 28 posts
how cheh ~ 21 posts
yi juin ~ 14 posts
kok loon ~ 13 posts
fffai ~ 9 posts
ching foong ~ 7 posts
siao huoy ~ 6 posts

unknown ~ 2 posts

total:100 posts

*drafts ~ 14 posts
~wei loon

moshi moshi

hello everbody.....
after a month break from tis blog finally i am back....
i dun mean to put tis blog on hold but i spent most of my time in my new house which hav no internet connection at tis moment ....

actually i hav nth to say here bcos i hav been sitting at home for quite some time and the only things i do are just sit eat sleep watch tv...
nth special which i can share wif u all here...

just to have my name appear in tis blog ...
to show my existance and to remind u of me.....


Friday, June 6, 2008


hye ...
im back to blog again ...
wat happen to u guys ?? how r u all ??
come la .. let's blog ...
we need to let each other know wat we r doin ...
i know i didn't blog much oso but i'll try to blog more ... hahaha
how's the kelantan trip ???
who went wif wei loon ... everyone except me ??
im so so sorry i cant join ..
hahaha ...
look at those pic i edited ...
dun angry k .. it's all jus for fun ... hahahaha

Sunday, June 1, 2008


It's all coming back to me!

That day I went to gym in the morning. After so long I finally decided to go to gym and do some work out, weight lifting. You know la, rest for so long will become lazy ma. I start from the basic by lifting 1 piece of metal which weight about 1 kg I guess.

Behind the scene: It was the 2nd time I went, before that I fatt hau go lift 3 pieces(3kg) at once.Damn! The muscle all over my body ached like hell. Caused me to rest for a week before I resume.

So this time was a little different. A neighbour of mine, an old woman which i always call her
poh poh was there. Let me first describe this poh poh. Amazingly, she's 70 years old but her face literally look like about 50 plus. The secret to her look? Oh well, of course......Kum Kuai Fei @ gold expensive fly! Kidding I know wor...

Back to the story. So I was there proudly lifting the weight of................................ 1kg. I thought I would impress
poh poh ge, thinking : Fuyoh! I lift 1kg of weight. Geng le?

She was doing her stretching and warm up. There's another
keh le feh there also, an old man, a friend of hers keep talking to me. Ask me this ask me that la, how long have you been doing this la, how old are you, do you know how to use this, bla bla bla....

Then suddenly poh poh began her action. She walked behind me, facing the other side and inserted in the pin as to select the weight of her preference.

I can't see how heavy she had selected but I was able see her through the mirror. She began pulling down the weight lifting handle. Doing it smoothly. Then the keh leh feh old man uttered out loudly to me:

"Wa! you see you see, you only lift 1 piece here but look at poh poh behind you, she lift 6 piece. So cha ga you. Summor you are a young man, even poh poh can lift much more than you."

Imagine, the gym is very small and it is reverberant! Everything he said was repeated few times. Cis! Cis! So embarrassed. Wanted to find a hole to hide my face. I even wanted to stuff the metal piece into the
keh leh feh old man's mouth.

But the truth is 1 vs 6 pieces is very pathetic indeed.
Aiya, you see la, next time I lift 6.5 piece. Herh!

Fit fit fai

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