Friday, December 5, 2008


Hey guys..I am free FInally...juz finished my finals just now...Really JUST...haha..from 8 to
so what u guys planning? Are we going to meet at Wei Loon's house on 13? Haha..really cant wait to c u all...
time really fliesssssssssssssss...i had finished one semester just like tat..Although there are a lot of unhapiness and stress...but u know..rite after i get my "independence"..I felt sad u know..Lol..
start waiting the next semester to come..(I guess How Cheh will say "This is madness! ")lol..

In this semester, I really gain alot anyway..U know..I nearly lost myself..There was a period I was pushing myself too much, Struggling to get high scores..So depressed that my instructor gave marks based on impression.. there was really a time I cant even recognise myself..LIEW YI JUIN= monster that only cares about u know...the life here in Subang is really so dull and boring..NO TV, no outing for THE WHOLE only entertainment was juz that one or one and a half hour going out to have dinner wif frenz...basically i spent most of my time in Library and studies..So i will be dissapointed if i cant get good score as I AM JUZ FOCUSSIng mainly on it rite?, i think as a students.,.we really should play..and join more that won turn into A MOSTEr..haha..wat a good excuse^^

However, I did regain myself..I have advices and care from my family, frenz and even instructor..(of Course, this instructor is so extraordinary..He is my idol!) haha..maybe i will post the photoes up in these few days^^ I really get inspired alot..And now..Basically i will start enjoying myself..and u guys...GET PREPARED to receive my calls...^^ I will keep "Kacau" u all soon...

And and in two weeks time i will get my result thru post...Hope will inform u all with good news ya( i really have to guard my mail box around those days) will be sent to my parent's name anyway..Haha..

K lar...hope to meet u all soon..DUn Miss me

Yi Juin


Anonymous said...

ceh!! make me exam in a few weeks times..hol in feb...sobsob.miss u sure got nghtmare..hahaha


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