Thursday, September 4, 2008


i knw all of r bz wit our 4 me nowadays i do ntn mch la...sum of u will nw y.cos d exam is comin la,ths sat..and it is a long 1 since i got so many will only end in 3rd week of fun stdying le..and abit scared lo cos frst time nthaving exam in scl.hehe..and abit gan jiong oso la..hehe...u al mst thn tht i sot edi..haha...aiyah! dun knw wat2say me luck la!!


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Siao Huoy said...

Sorry ler..real busy vf uni life..always ve to catch up vf deadlines..arghh! din reali ve time to concern bout wad u all up to...anyway..No nid to gan jiong la..u'll do fine with it...all the best..ADD OIL!!!

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