Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I guess is my turn 2 say sorry..wanted2cry whn read d blog le...haih...i guess is my fault oso la...didnt update really sumtimes i really dun knw wat2post le cos nthn special here..and nowadays my comp is full of virus...and keep on hanging...haih...excuses!!!bt i definitely sill care 4 u all lo.especially wl,like wat sh said v r worry abt u whn ther's no news fr u...i knw u r far away fr fam,frens bt u mst b strong,..and of cos jst go 4ward..v will supprt u!!hope it is not 2 late 4 me 2 show tht i care 4u all...LONG-LIVE 38MEMBERS!


wei loon said...

really thank you!!

when i am down, i will always thinking of you all!!!

kl said...

im studyin jus a few km from weiloon la ... no one miss me meh ??

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