Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hai~~~~YAh!!! [flying kick..]

Don't mess with Ching Foong, neither do I.
We can defence ourselves now, don't play play. Don't mess with us.

Cut the crap. Yup, Cf and I did learned self-defence. We attended the R.AGE self-defence workshop held at The Summit, USJ yesterday. It was open to form six and tertiary students. The workshop was conducted by the Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia (YAM).

At first I were kind of anxious as I feared that this kind of self-defence class participated mostly by female participants. And Cf in the car kept scaring me saying "Fuyoh, later become centre of attention....DA ONLY GUY there". And I soothed myself saying "No need to worry ge, came here to accompany my gf lo". Haha.

The workshop starts at 8.30a.m but we were just only passing by Tesco Extra at that time. Hehe, my fault technical problem in setting my alarm clock.

It was 8.55a.m. Luckily when we arrived they were only warming up. The first thing I checked out for were not whether the session commenced or not but whether there were ANY GUYS THERE! Hmm...yup, I saw male figure. Wait, they were instructors. Ah...found. ~phew~~! Can walk in with relief.

The session wasn't what all of you thought to be: seminars dully, talk talk talk and end. Nop, most of the time we were able to get practice the moves...ahem of course cf and I partner la....
It was fun. They taught us basic moves from non-aggressive to aggressive moves. Dislodge from someone's grip to bringing down someone and disarm the attacker to learn how to fall safely.

3Ps and 3Ds that we need to be mind of.
Perception - be aware of the surroundings, look for people behaving suspiciously, don't sms-ing while walking

Proximity - maintain distance from others, 2-4meters if could,

- get physical when threatened, the last thing you should ever do.

The 3Ds are actually the subsets of the last

And we can tried the moves on each other. Very pain! Especially the wrist. And geng ah, Cf get to push me down the mat without much force. Haha, don't mess with her wei...hehe.

At about 30minutes before the session end, we were given the opportunity to ask any scenario and they show us how to 3Ds. Here it is :
Demo --> <--
Demo2--> <--

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