Friday, May 2, 2008


hi,1stly wan2knw how r u all guys?? hope tht all of u r fine and fit fit miss me onot le?hehehehe...sure got la hor...

i still at home lo do nthn so sien-tv,slp,on9...yer!!life seem 2 b so meaningless le..hehe

4ur information guys,on 20th a new strt 4me & oso hc...hehe..cos hc will sitting 4 his entrance exam 4 uni in indon....and as 4 me...i will b goin 2 TARC 2study accountancy guys wish us good luck la....hope tht it will b a good strt4me and hc...hehe.

hmmm,dun knw isit a rght decision2chnge2arts...u i hav been studying in sc stream 4 abt a decade..hahaha..neway,i thnk no harm changing our cup of tea regardless of how long v hav been drnkn d tea,rght?-providing tht v knw wat type of taste tht v wan..hehehe..so4this moment i will go TARC,ltr on if im fortunate enough 2 get local u...4 tht moment only c how lo..hehe..

so abt 2weeks time le i will strt schooling liao hehe....dun knw im happy or sad le???i oso hav no idea le...

tht's all la 4 now...U GUYS BLOG LA.....V GOT 7 PPL LE...



wei loon said...

hv new good start!
20 may.. important day for our two members!!
wish both of u all the best!!

yj said...

girlie..haha..finally start studying d o..muz gambateh know ma..long time din meet d...really hope to meet u matter wat subject u long as u like then can d regret^^i believe in u ..^^GAMBATEH

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