Thursday, May 1, 2008


bukan aku don't want to blog ni,
last time i dint blog you all say me,
when the time for me to blog then you all busy,
hidup memang macam ni.

Anyway, at home a bit bored, but thanks to those DVDs i have i'm still alive. Learning to play song in piano. Fun!

Did i mention that me and cf went to Tioman? Cant take pictures during snorkeling because we scared that our camera being stolen and since our camera not water proof so no use. But turn out when we reach at snorkeling stops, those people joining us on the same boat even put their camera JUST LIKE THAT ON THE BOAT! ? The camera lying there NAKED on the seats of the boat as if the camera has no value to the owner and waiting for people to take it. Damn, we should had brought it together.

Anyway, the corals...magnificent! Fun swimming with colourful fishes and coral. And the water is crystal clear! However, the corals are dying. So i plead all of you to save the planet. Do our part, even if it's very small part. It makes the difference.

Fitfitfai & cf


yj said... nice o u 2 haha....sweet and
romantic...haha...i'd been to tioman only when i was small...haha...hope to have a chance go there too...anyway..really busy la these days...wait la...i will blog soon...wish to c more bout u n cf's sweet sweet photo ler...very hak fok..haha

wei loon said...

so nice u all!!
so romantic!
so hang fuk!
jealous ni....

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