Monday, May 12, 2008

A Good Starting

i hv stepped my first step on the stage in front of more than 3000 year3-6 pupils and teachers today, just to let the students know that there are a lot of funny ways to study the boring subjects...

actually, it was a opportunity for me to teach them how to use some memory techniques in their study, i am not their teacher actually since i only teaching in the afternoon session.. i was just informed by the headmaster and teachers on last Friday that they hoped i would come out in the assembly to do so... of course i will try my best to do very well in this even it is in limited time!

i am so so so happy when i see they all can use the technique to solve their problems in their study!! they all can remember the horoscopes, eight planets, some telephone numbers, vocab...
just a 20-minutes talk in the stage, i helped thousands of peoples!! haha!! (so great am i!)

after the talk, the teachers all know me ady.. even tough i do not know them(because i am in the afternoon session, and they are all in morning session) but they will give me a friendly smile to me... :-) hihi!! i become famous lo!!

and one thing which is the most unexpected and happiest is one student suddenly come approach me and great me and he say in chinese:" Teacher, from now on i will study well and study hard...."
wow... it was so so so touching!! after that, i only realise from a teacher that "this student is a hyperactive student, he ady gave too much troubles to the schools and teachers... but it is weird that he will great you and promise you to study well!!" wow again... i think i am too sacred!! haha!

but isn't it this feeling is the greatest present from your students???
i think it is!!!

that is why i always say:" Teaching is the most joyful and happiest thing to do!!"

these are some photos captured in today's morning event:

~the year-3 to 6 students~

~i was giving the talk~

~the hyperactive student and i~

this is not the end...
on this friday which is teacher's day... i will again give the detailed talk to all the teachers...
i hope i can conduct it well...
hope what i hv give the teachers will then benefit the students!!!
and i hope that the students will then turn into a new leaf and hv a good cycle as so in their next generation...
isn't it a good karma???
it is definitely YES!!!

~wei loon

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CF said...

i am happy4u...hehe..
so 'wai sui'..hehe and yeng wor...hahahaha...look so matured...hahahahaha...neway,a compliment fr me 2 u 4 being so daring,ambitious,brave,,hehe..


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