Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LEE HOW CHEH!! UR TURN!!! cameron chap 3

Syok ya how cheh...tease me when i m sick la..cameron chap 1 n 2 turn now..looking bac bout our trip to cameron...da second day of our watercress farm..v (except me coz i was d photographer) took a pic der...during da posing, how cheh nearly fell into da watercress pond..but vy unlucky..juz his whole foot dipped into da wet pond..n his shoe got wet..MEMALUKAN..i gues he misund wad v jia left a bit..urm..yj right abit..urm how cheh right a bit...oops...not ur leg ar..i mean ur body ler..pity..tht was too late..'SAM' tung sei me...

Here i attached u all da photo to have a clearer pic...

Cant see How Cheh rite? HOW HOW was hiding..u noe y? malu d ma...of coz la..

btw, nice caption rite? ahem, by me le..

A caption of his shoe after bathing..

~ Photographer Siao Huoy ~

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