Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My 3rd Post...

As i have said in the chatbox, i will express my gratitude towards Wei Loon in a formal in post la, k? reali grateful that u've created tis blog...a place for us to mantain our members' relationships, a place for us to get to know bout each other, a place for us to shout out sth tht is inconvenient to say out via word of mouth and of coz a place for us to continue CARING as in GOSSIPING ler..haha..

Suen lei la..proven tht v elected u as our PRESIDENT is not a wrong choice...still so cherish bout US...din fong hei US..WE LOVE YOU!!!!(an eg of sth tht is inconvenient to shout out face2face...kong mm chut ler...siong vomit tim)

And not forgetting ...thanks alot MEI SING..i truly understand how tough it was by teaching an UNCLE to BLOG, u see? T.Q

~ Nian Qing Xiao Hui ~

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weiloon said...

pai seh pai seh
no need so many thank you la
i know u all love me
i love u all too...

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