Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i'll not b lonely in tis valentine!!! ~ wei loon

guess wat?
she said:"i really need one, and u appear tis moment..."
"maybe tis is wat we call 'yuan'"
"i need u now"

guess wat??
she accepted me!!
tis is true!!

it just happen today!! 9.15pm
she needs me!!
she needs a tuition teacher!!

she is my 2nd boss!!
she needs a maths and science tuition teacher!!

i'll be the form 4 and form 5 tuition teacher!! in a tuition centre
starting from 14th of Feb 2008!!!
valentine day!!!

single wei loon not lonely la!!!

so exited!!
teaching is my interest!! u know la..
when i teach i'll be very happy!
dun know y ler???

it falls on tat day oh!!
haha... just suit me!!!

know u all hv partners ady...
i'll not feel jealous to u all de lor!!
appreciate wat u all have!!
wish me good luck la!!

~single wei loon

1 comment:

38members said...

haha..baka la u..shocked me pula...say till so confusing..let me misunderstand tim~anyway..happy valentine~


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