Monday, January 28, 2008



Yi Juin: Guess who I saw on sunday. It's Miss Lim, remember who? Neh the temporary teacher that come to take pictures during the pameran for RRVS. Rupa-rupanya she join SJAM in adult division. Know wonder why she look so familiar that day, then she suddenly ask me " You look so familiar, where I saw you before?". Then only remember. She now working temporary as secretary wor, while waiting for posting to other school.

Oh, I don't think my mom remember about the "double angpau" for you lo, muahahaha!

How Cheh: Cis!! Cis!! Wu len deh deh! Go put my fat looking picture! Jahanam! You see la one day, I'll thin until you can't remember me!

Fit fit fai

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38members said...

haha..really so ngam o?
ask her where's our photo la..secretary for??? ur sjam or school authorities?

haha..i'll be pleased to "remind" ur mum...haha

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