Sunday, January 27, 2008

wonderful starting...38 Union..or Caring Society

hihi..everyone..hehe..first time write blog..felt excited, and really pleased that wei loon create this blog.
a place for us to express our feelings..(actually dun really know how to operate this thingy..feel very nervous, haha)

so..juz wanna write something here..
First of all our 38 members..really glad to have u all in my form six life..i dun really remember when is this union being created..just kept bit memory bout tat time..7 of us sit together then discuss the details bout this union..choosing who is the president, vice president, treasurer all those..pointing each othere..haha..if i am not mistaken..i am the i??? haha..really cant remember..plz correct me if u guys know....but for sure..i know our lovely siao huoy is the treasurer..AS NORMAL..haha..she is the most efficent one among us..

so finally we end our "suffering form six"...ppl might think we feel suffered coz of the heavy studies..but i think we feel suffered coz have no time to gossip so much coz of we?

anyway..i hope we can always know bout latest news of each other here..^^
so..i am going to start reporting what i am doing at this moment..(hope u all won feel bored ya)

at the present, i am being a teacher in sjk(c) chung kwok...along the side of jalan Sulatan Ismail..wif siong voon and siao huoy^^..but me n siong voon are the morning session teacher, while our miss in the afternoon..
i am teaching Bahasa Melayu..(my favourite subject except chinese)...
my teaching life can be considered erm...interesting..coz those "interesting students"..haha..they always will ask "cikgu, bolehkah saya pergi ke tandas???" one period, alomost the whole class will ask this question...
i even will say "ya, boleh..pergilah " in my dream...>.< i've been asked this question bout half a month..more accurately 19 days..including weekends.. so..this is what i am doing these days..wake up early in the morning, teaching, markings...being teased by siong voon and sometimes have lunch wif how cheh..and more oftenly siong voon ( i've no choice) haha... how bout u all?

yijuin-38 member

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WeiLooN said...

u r rite!
u r the vice president!
happy to see u blogging!

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