Wednesday, January 30, 2008


hihi..everyone..yoyo..siao huoy also start posting d now we're "big" family d^^reunion d la..wakaka~

anyway..this crazy siao huoy blogging till five o'clock ler, saw her yawning in d school ..haha
but ler..still thanks her to help me mark book de^^

today i reached home bout six thirty ..kinda actual time of time table is only till 12.45 p.m.
you all sure think muz be i hardworking la work till so late..

hehe..actually ler...i today substitue another teacher who was sick..she ask me to teach tuition for her..u know student RM 15 shocked when i know bout d price~

u guys...u all sure cant believe that one student RM 15 is only for one SINGle DAY...wakaka..and i taught five up i can get RM 75~

unbelievable..actually those teachers like that jiu can earn thousand something d ler in one easy..somemore those kids so cute~hehe..

anyway this RM 75 can consider as my first salary sementara usually will get their salary at least 3 really happy and glad la..

coz hard works pay..i today also get praising by those students' parents ler..happy happy^^
so..really enjoy my hard works dear members..gambateh also ya^^


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weiloon said...

first salary must buy something 4 ur parents oh!!

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