Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year


Happy New Chinese Year! Gong Xi Gong Xi! Congratulations to all of you because all of you have been invited to my house during Chinese New Year. All of you are choosen base on gender, age, characteristics, common interest, look ( leng jai, leng lui, watt dat jai and watt dat lui), etc etc. Days you could come are 9th and 10th of February. Er, the time leh, maybe after 10am, hehe, cause by the time I'll be "dou chin" untill mid night, so you know what time I'll wake up la.

Ok, let me tell about my story is........aiya, as told by ching foong already la, read her post.

My new year resolution ( whether it's in western calender or chinese calender) is to be Fit! Don't need to rub your eyes la, you didn't read wrongly. OOooii! Don't laugh! Wulen deh deh!!

All of you "put long pair eyes" la. I'll be tummy-less in no time and be fat-free! Siao Huoy I pity you. I'll no longer be together with you when they tease . MuaHaHahahaha! HoHOhoHOHO!

Ok let me courteously let you know what I've been up to lately. I most probably will be taking psychology course after this. My interest and I think I'll be happy with it. I appeal to all of you to take the subject of your interest.

Eventually if you strive you'll succeed am I right? And you are the one who have to make something out from what you do. We couldn't expect miracle to happen in just a blink of the eye right. So no matter how, it depends on ourselves. It's whether you want to become ordinary or extraordinary.

Hmm, maybe from time to time I'll post some funny anecdotes of mine here to share with all of you. Good idea Wei Loon to open an account for all of us. Let's make it work. That's all for now.

All of you remember, you are the selected ones to come visit me during Chinese New Year! Angpau! Angpau! Angpau!

Fit fit kah fai

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yj said...

HAHA..."ang pau, ang pau" till remember i will get double as i praised ur mum last year^^
really hope we can meet up in tis cny~

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