Monday, January 28, 2008

i'm gonna sick~my day

hihi...juz two days of weekends..feel so glad that everyone of u started to post things up..haha..

so after d weekends, still have to get back to work
as normal..have to wake up at 5.30 to get prepared to school..
haiz~so terrible..sunday night mark book till 3.00 a.m., i juz slept two hours plus..
if those works are properly done , it's still ok..
hey guys...if u think u are d worst one in studies..PLZ DUN HAVE THAT THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Sebagai contoh:

Yj : memberi makanan- (plz use this kata kerja to bina ayat)
Contohnya, Ali memberi makanan kepada ikan

Student 1 : Ali memberi ikan makan kerana ikan itu sangat lapar. (actually they translated in
chinese and finally my student is eaten by the fish)

Yj : memotong rumput- Ahmad sedang memotong rumput manakala Siew Mei sedang
membersihkan kolam.

Student 2 : Ahmad sedang memotong Rambut , Siew Mei menyiram kolam. ( kolam might be
not enough water i think )

Yj : i ask them write god~ask them use the word anak tunggal, anak bongsu, anak emas..

Student 3 : Siao Mei ialah anak tunggal. Dia mempunyai 2 adik, 2kakak dan satu abang..(?????
anak tunggal?? still consider anak tunggal is he?)

Yj : i let them use the peribahasa bagai isi dengan kuku

Student : Persahabatan mereka bagai kawan baik tiada kuku. ( fainted )

Yj : tercungap-cungap- Ali tercungap-cungap setelah berlari 100 meter

Student-(this is made by the good students) Adik tercungap-cungap kerana tertengok kakaknya tidak memakai baju. <- how pure is our standard five student

Ejaan Lisan

Yj : Dua adik-beradik bergaduh kerana mereka menyokong pasukan yang berbeza.

STudent : Dwe aik bereke pergatok k#4$ mereka meyeokin persukan ian berbase.

sobsob~my whole night..being spent wif this kind of work...i teach second class in standard five..but i get this kind of level..."Luckily" i still have d last class..i cant wait those "surprises" from them.

Some of my standard five students even dunno ABC...haha..u know what..
first time of my life..i feel so so so..dunno how to describe my feelings...
haiz..shud i give up? i mean give up those who are really worse..i teach both the good class and bad class in standard 2 and 5.
when the good classes still have d bad ones..and my bad classes.. OF COURSE have lots more.
From the beginning of my teaching life..i have many aim..and hopes..i really dun wan to give up any of my students..
but now speed juz like crawling like a turtle..other malay teacher even teach chapter 3 while i am still in chapter one and a half.

WHat can i do for them???

ask other teacher, they said juz let them be..u can't save all of them..juz make sure the good ones score..

but's contrary wif my concepts and principles...
what should i do? haiz..someone plz tell me...

wei loon, really thanks for asking me to read that articles..i found that i am in the same condition..haha

Yijuin-the helpless and hopeless teacher

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weiloon said...

never give up!!!
one day u will know the balancing..
do my parts too..
i like students!!
bad students is not jus bad..
see their good parts!!!
they r still good people!!
dun give up them.. at least let them know tis world is still full of hope even wif bad results..
teach them how to b a good and responsible people!!

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