Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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hye hye ... wei loon dun lose hope ...
i need to work on my valentine's day oso ... hahahaha ...

hmmm .. this is the first time im really workin .. it's kinda fun for me la ..
but very tired oso ... stand for 9 hours ... hahaha ...
and alot of ppl come n visit me there ... hmmmm ... first is siao huoy la .. but i think she dunno im workin there la ... then wei loon and yi juin ...

and KUAN LUNG and MUN YI ... didn't expect them to come n visit ... hahaha ...
the first day when they came n look for me .. i was not around and my fren told me that my uncle came n look for me ... then the next day when he come then only i know the uncle was KUAN LUNG ... hahaha

hmmm ... can anyone pls tell me bout the ipta thingy and the upu form ... i got no idea wat to do wif the form .... thankssssss

actually i dunno wat to blog ... jus crappin around ... i better stop here .. hahaha

CAMERON TRIP ( look at wat im pointing) =P

U6sc1 (when everyone's still there)

( when we're gone d ... but i think woon chen is still inside the pic ... he wont leave the school la
... =P )

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weiloon said...

dun worry..
the upu is jus needed when u know the result!!
now can survey for wat u interested in and later oni need the passwords..
can change 3 times oni..
now the website is still no use de..
but can know the qualification 4 the courses..

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