Monday, January 28, 2008

my job now ~ wei loon

talking about my job..

u all know la i did so many job b4...
tis one is the most senang 1...


how i got tis job??

it was unbeliveable!
one old old fren suddenly called me and ask
whether i wanna job
sure wan la
tat time looking for job too..
i went interview
tat day i was hired!! geng ler??

how i go to work??

tis is fun
i go there jus by motor!!!
so cool man
so fast can reach
oni 5 minutes
so i can wake up at 8 even start working at 8.30
(dun b jealous)haha

wat is my job??

very easy! as an editor!!
paper work only
look at the paper
see got wat to improve lo
something cool is i can make maths questions!!!
haha! maths is art!! aesthetically pretty!!

how r my colleague??

tis is upset a bit
three chinese partimer as me
4 indian and 10+malays women
hoho.. u can see the malay women face hor
never smile one!
like suffering from deppression!
so next time cant do office work!!
will bcome gila like them!!
sum r good.. know how to smile..
but the smiling face like so so cham..
haha.. oni my smiling face can brigthen them lo..
so charming :-)

how is my ah head??

a lady..
quit nice lo
haha she was a vitorian!!!!
johanian vs vitorian???
after two weeks i oni know!
but she is quit nice de..
bertanggungjawab lo
i like her :-)

how is my boss??

he is great!!
i never hv a boss like him!!
i like him most!!
last time i worked i sure will curse the bosses
but tis one i praise him lo!!!
he is humble,responsible,polite,...and rich etc...

how is the organization??

tis is wat i most interested!!
u know i work not more than 1 month hor..
now i already know how my company operate!!
so cool man
not easy to know de!!
from editorial,printing,processes to marketing i ady know something!!
our company got how many boss is how to build up tis company...
how is the financial operate...etc
i aso know!!
so cool! one little partimer can know so many things!
haha... i sure got my way to know de! dun worry..
it is a legal way!
i wanna know how tis company operate then i oni go!!:-)

conclusion is
for tis time being...
i like my job!!

1 comment:

38members said...

haha..know ur passion towards ur job la~..showing off la..haha..but i know u surely had faced some difficulties be4..

BUT i like d way u express urself..juz enjoy d happy moment and ignore d sad ones^^haha..
that's y i like u so much,,so POSITIVE..gambateh o..PRESIDENT!!!


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