Tuesday, March 24, 2009


hey guys! i jst cm bck fr leadership camp organised by TARC. 3days 2nghts.... 20,21,22 of march. it is in malacca.my my muscles so pain!!! i get darker too..

haha...to my surprise..TARC has lots of students who can speak vyvy well in english...mst of thm in d camp are dare engh to speak in frnt of ppl...and they speak vy vy well too...

u know wat, d activities were kinda extreme.... 1st nght v had jungle trekn. omg! it tk abt 3.5hrs!!! so exhausted... d hills r vyvy steep. it is vy drk an di didnt brn torchlght.luckily,my group mem r willn to share d torchlght wit me. haha.. of course edn up wit insects bites on my hands and oso scratches fr d thorns of tress.

Tried flying fox!! it is fun!! haha even though i was afraid at first, thx god i tried it..it was fun!!!
besides tht, i oso tried abseilling....woohoo...so challenging..

Abd oso the high ropes. v hav to wlk thriugh a tiny ropes tht r strecth to one end of platform.. It is abt 5 storey high le...hahaha...so challenging i almst drop dwn but luckily manage to hld one d ropes...haha i make othrs nervous. thn v have to climb d spider web thng la...i dun knw wat v called tht...bt i thnk u can imagine rght?? haha

besides tht, v r given ingredients and hav to cook ourselves...to our surprise, it tastes mch mch bttr thn d food provided by d canteen in th camp. the food tht thy provided sucks!!! dun feel like eatn their food bt i had no choice la...

hmm...too bad i dun hav pic to show u all cos hp r nt allwed u knw! haha...i knw it is boring la to c blck and white....neway, hope u guys get d pic of my camp...



奕君 said...

Haha...my god...Cant believe u tried flying fox...the camp sounds so fun..
hope I will be able to attend one of that be4 I go to aus too^^
Anyway..glad to c that u enjoy urself..at least not only stress out by studies..^^
Btw, I can c that u become so postive and optimistic^^ glad to c tat in u..Keep it up^^
wish u happy everyday ya...
WIll support u always^^

wl said...

i agree with yj
u are more positive lo...

hope u enjoy life there!!
stay happy!
stay beautiful!!

chingfoong said...

haha...yealo,i agredd u bth of..now more ++++...haha...u two realised tht!!!

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