Sunday, August 3, 2008

a special day

today is 2nd of august...How Cheh's birthday...
haha...for sure..we meet up wif 38 klcc...we tried our best to make it as an normal outing..
becoz d bufday boy demanded not to celebrate with him..haha.. first we juz go to PC fair at Kl Convention Centre..walk around..look around..Guess wat...seeing so many leng lui in there...saliva keep coming out ler...somemore they wear till so less...haha...

Later on, we tot of meeting kah fai and little foong foong somewhere in d KLCC de, but 2 of them ler..pak to to KFC and eaten their lunch without us ler...haha..therefore, we straight away pick up pei sun at time square...and have our lunch there lo..chit chatting..exchanging experience in uni or college..except me and kah fai who still being lazy pig...haha

guess how did we deliver our present to how cheh? We juz push him in toilet and ask him to put on d shirt tat we bought for him...Actually tot of splashing water on his shirt ler...but still dare not to do tat..luckily d size was ok^^haha...(Hc din grow fat luckily)

then at nite, we go eat steamboat near Genting Klang..haha...a funny thing happened..we 2 Myvi accidentally drive into a dead end of a road ler..and d road is full of car at d was so challenging to make a 3 point turn there..haha..from far u can c 2 Myvi driver keep on turning their sterling then reverse, go in front, reverse again...haha...Kah Fai was given a chance to reduce his weight by having such great exercise ler...haha..

At last, we enjoyed our steamboat, chocolate steamboat, cheese steamboat happily..haha
wat a wonderful day..Really feel great to meet up wif frenz~ Feel glad and happy to experience tat our relationship is still so close although we separated to different place...Hope tat our frenship will be long lasting ever..haha


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fffai said...

Herh! Thanks to you all, i feel so lazy to exercise this week! Cheese and chocolate steamboat ah la...cos me to gain so much weight! Cis! Cis!

Fun day though. I should go to the place quite often to improve my 3point turn skill.HoHo! The most difficult turn ever so far in my driving history.

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