Saturday, April 3, 2010

happy bday to super good looking wei loon

haha.. like wat u all say he look super super leng zai in 2010...
haha.. happy bday... cin chun suai
stay handsome and hav a great 22nd bday!!



lee how cheh said... u cant cheat ppl de lo...ming ming jiu shi i zui suai...u say is wl..hmmp...nvm la,,since 2day wei loon's bd..i jiu let him be the most handsome de la...^^ happy birthday again o wei loon

wei loon said...

haha... after u let me leng zai one day... i will be forever liao.. haha
should say thank you to u so much!!!

thanks CF!!! and all of you!!!

CF said...

lee how cheh dun jealous la.. ahem if he wan 2 thnk tht mai let him ss lo..hehe
enn,, actually 2 oso not leng chai la..kekeke

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