Saturday, July 19, 2008

born to be bad?

hi guys...wei loon..I dunno wat happen to u..and really feel shame to ask u..coz these few days I was spending all my time with a fren that is going off....I am really sorry for not being ur side at the moment u need a fren to comfort u... I really feel shame for myself. Yesterday i received a call from kok loon, he worried bout u 2...and i asked him to call u...becoz..i have no guts to face u..

heh...I am really sorry. Today when i received ur call, ur voice was so down. I feel so regret and guilty. I hope it's never to late to apologize, and really wish something special in u really dun turn upside down. U were an optimistic guy and always positive. I always think that u and me was so close coz we have a common thought, common belief! Remember our conversations last time? We ARE people that believe we can learn the most and fastest from failure! We believe after conquering every obstcales..we will gain more power and become stronger!

Remember what u told me last time? U told me U LIKE TO BE DARE! You like people that LOOK DOWN ON U! These few words come out from ur mouth, HIEW WEI LOON's mouth! U r unbeateble, isnt't it? Plz..dun lose all this spirit! No matter what happens, U know that 38 will always be there for u. Ya, everyone of us is busy...busy wif own studies, own responsibility...but please believe that we care fOR U!!!!

Everyone will have bad times, everyone did mistakes...BUT doesnt mean u r a bad people! B'coz bad people never think themselves are bad! They will think what they do was ABSOLUTELY Right!

If u think u r wrong! Learn from mistakes! If u think u r Bad, then learn to be Nice! Nothing can stop u if u wan something from ur heart. I hope to C u again! Not the depressed WEI LOON,
I want to C u that was inspiring, motivating! I know u will never let me down. We are always ur follower^^ Cheer Up , Wei Loon!



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weiloon said...

i should admit that something unhappy happened
now i am not so ok..
trust me..
i will be better than ever before!!


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