Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Changes to be made

hihi..everyone...since someone is complaining bout my statement...I would like to make a change..
I am sure y d "someone" asking y i dun jzu change it straight away from d post...
oo...This is becoz I dun wan confusion to happen ma^^later maybe cf a, or sh a...view d blog..
then keep on c u write there change change change, they surely will feel blur de...so..

I jiu change it here la...
ok... DEAR 38 Members, I wan to emphasize that our pure and cute MR. Lee How Cheh is not poluted by Erm..pornography...haha...wat i have written in the previous blog was totally a mistake...I tot it was a joke..so..dun angry ya...haha...I juz dun wan kok loon to worry bout u ma^^
U c i am so kind to u ler...so dun angry k...haha


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