Saturday, July 19, 2008

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hey I received a call from USM. haha...i was surprised that they offer me the Microbiology course, which is one of my choice in the appeal list. However, I am not going for sure. It deviates from what I wish to be. I don know whether my decision is right or wrong.

I am not so sure whether in the future i can accomplish my goal, which is to be a successful translator. But at least I wan to have a try. i Shud say, it's a challenging trial! Translator was absolutely nothing to relate to Bioengineering.

Just that Bioengineering covers a larger field of studies, It coverd physics, biology, math, computer, and of course good command of language. Since a translator's qualification is having great foundation in language...be4 that I wish to be someone that knowlegable. That exposed to different kind of that i can have different types of feelings and thought. For me, an excellent translator is to deeply understand what an articles really means and wat message the author want to deliver.

haha...wif my naif thought, at tis moment..I am just choosing a field that is wide..When i first saw bout Bioengineering..i was feeling like " yes, this is it"...this is wat i want...a general background...then going deeper and deeper...when i think, yea it's enuf...I already good enuf in tis bioengineering field or i am bored of it..i can always step away and start my translating life...or maybe intepret articles..haha..then at tat time i can work at home..everyday spending time wif my family...(tis is so perfect but hard to achieve )

Sometimes, I really will ask myself " yijuin, are u sure bout tis? no turning back!" haha...yea...No turning back...haha...I also dunno where my bravery comes from...anyway, I really wan to try it out...even if i least i try, rite?

haha...sorry..not meant to make u all bored..juz express it tat i can sure about wat I am doing..I am " reconfirming"..haha..wish u guys happy always and good luck in studies ya..


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wei loon said...

u can do it de!!!
there is no right or wrong decision now..
u hv decided!!!
so, make it right!!!
make ur decision right!!!

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