Monday, March 22, 2010

My dear frens

Hey im here too...

firstly, yj!! glad tht u r safe in US..missing u vy mch...and i jst received a call fr sh sayin=g tht u all 'skyped'... thnks 4 d updates!

im crying now.. after reading those posts fr u all especially d 1 fr yj.. and replay d video by wl over and over agn i just cant refrain myself fr crying.. seriously, this is d first time feel so touched.. and my heart really melts!! hah..i guess i sounds vy silly and emo huh... cried aftr reading blog???..haha.. thr r many, i would say drastic changes recently.. suddenly evry1 leavn... suddenly this and tht etc etc...sigh.. but u guys dun hav to worry abt me k.. i will b tough. 2 yrs down d line i will b a more + me! thts wat i told yj.. and i will do it 4 sake of myself and 4 u guys, and for those who r concern abt me!! i will never regret anythn no matter how devastating d outcomes hav been, instead i will jst step forward and hav d situationn FIXED! fr this moments onwards whn i c wat i hav been dreaming and thr is a mountain in front of me... im not goin to stand still and wait 4 it to dissapear.. instead i will climd the mountain till i reach d other side!! gotta climd to achieve my dream !

i wished to hug u guys!! especially yj!! i wished to hug u more... i love u guys!!!

I would like to thnk all of u guys 4 ur concern and support..
wl,thnks alot 4 all d calls.. happy 2 hear fr u... i guess now me and sh r d only 2 left in KL.. hah.. but not 4 long.. most prob Sh will b leavn to australia i guess.. sigh.. im all alone here... but i faith in our frenship.. lets meet up more often whn evry1 is bck!! like d saying goes "separation is 4 d reunion"!! without separation thr is no reunion...

so guys let meet up la... or go summ whr la... hc will b flattered to b d organizer i guess.. haha.. this time without yj!! haha.. me intern till 7 may only.. thn hol scl only strt end of may.. lets plan 4 sumthn guys!!..



wei loon said...

tell u all a secret...
when i was very down and look back the blog, i did cry.. i cry coz i am touched also.. coz i know there are somebody there for me..

happy to see you so positive now... things are just started.. u will go through all these and when u look back.. you will find it just so beautiful that u, me and us are the people who have a down fall and stand up high there one day!!!

i know that there are always time lag which would make our willing to change, to recover, to be better seems so long... but that is the time that we make us see things more clearly and more broad..

so cf, i am happy that u become better and better now.. i can see that.. and keep going!! u will find that it is very easy, and make it a habit to be positive:)

supporting you!! always!!

CF said...

thx alot wl! always appreciate it!! looking 4ward 2 seeing u :)

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