Saturday, March 1, 2008

celebrating our siao huoy's 5th birthday

hihi..everyone i am back..juz went for sh's birthday party..watching her come out go in..extremely busy serving every friends that came...haha..overall we quite enjoy ourselves sh dun need to feel worry ok? we feel happy and excited to have a chance meeting all our 38 frenz..

but o...our CLASS MONITOR like erm..a bit fake wor..keep on mixing around wif ur another group of fren..ur mum will realise anot a?haha..hopefully still wanna wish u here, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! haha...

we use le quite some time to make ur card o..purposely meet up juz to write ur wishes course thanks to kok loon that suggest many good cheh that design d card..and me-YJ that jzu trying to finish it really hope u like it ya^^coz we think tat our 38 memory means alot..much more than a simple present..however..ur presemt we also din choose simply one o..we really walk walk and suddenly saw and think that piece of clothes really suit u only buy one a^^coz ur body shape quite similiar wif that model..haha..very nice..i can guarantee we all surely will nose bleed once we c u wear it ..wakaka..hope u like it la

after all, today really is a tiring day..busy from early in d morning till late midnight..haha..but still feel very happy de...lastly thanks to our Mr. Lee tat sent me home^^ thanks for caring so much for me ya..u r d best..actually i also scare u ebing kidnapped o..haha..k la..everyone..have a nice dream~


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