Friday, March 14, 2008

giving up~

haha..GIVE UP this word in juin's dictionary really not exist..maybe it existed long time ago..
so..i am juz back from penang..haiz..really not fun la coz not going wif u guys...maybe i am too used to d ways of interaction like we 38 go there juz feel kinda WEIRD..=.=

somemore they go there no planning 1 ler..sit bus also waste lots of time...
38, once again i really feel glad to have u all wif my side ler..haha

so..i've taken my result on THURSDAY...feel bit happy la..coz really jump alot my results..
last time cgpa never get such means my hardwork during last minutes still work somehow..and on tat day i met mrs. Lee...i felt gald tat she say she's satisfied wif my biology results..i feel very touched..i FINally approved by my teacher...

actually..human really tend to become greedy when u already own myself..3A 1 B..for me actually already is a big achievement as compared to my previous exam in school..
for me..i tot that my chem might fail..and math will get B..but now,after getting results..i get an A in math..but chem i get B-..i feel so "sayang"..i will think "how nice if i improve better in chem result?", then i will able to attain better cgpa.."how nice if i get A for other subject like biology instead of A-?
"how nice", "if"...i'll start thinking all this impossible dreams..same goes to siong voon..he at first tot his math won get A..but end up getting A-..but after taking results..he feel bad for d A-..he extremely hope tat y his A- doesnt change to A?then he will too get 4's so big difference of human's thought before and after an's so funny isn;t it???'s becoz we tend to compare ourselves wif ppl's result...wei loon get 4.0, sh get 4.0..pei sun scoring all 5 subjects...shud we compare ourselves wif them??? of course..we muz COMPARE..let's compare d hard work they've paid in their studies..obviously we already knew they will get such a result,isn't it?but now..everything is already become a reality..not much thing we can do to change our results except start planning to strive aim higher and work hard for it at our next level...not juz look at those good result scorer and think"wah, their future sure very bright la"..then ourself doing nothing...losing hopes..not applying for anything..

like ps, sh and wl...they really deserve it..we all can c how much effort they pay in theirs dint doing all those papers wif wei loon..discuss...they get 4 flat is a credit for their hard work..they DESERVE it..we cant..not becoz we not as smart as we LAZY..and we GAVE UP ourselves....or not doing works...

when i first get result thru sms...i called my dad..i told him my results..he askes : what do u think?good or bad?..i answered: avarage, not too good..but not so bad..then i asked:"do u feel dissapointed?...u know wat my dad answer? he say "result is urs..u urself will feel happy or dissapointed more than i did..if u dun think is good..y? becoz u deserve more or u regret?..i straight away feel like crying.. i said i regret..coz when knowing other ppl get good result..i feel bit dad say:" getting bad result doesnt mean end of d world...u still have time to prove to urself..wat u can do for ur future..if u once again failed..then it's ur attitude and ur problem..once u never change..u will end up always feeling regret and jealous..anyway i believe in u" dad say all this to me..when i am in penang, hiding in a room..having conversation wif my tears dropping like rain..then i say thank you and end our conversation...

actually i post this juz to let u all know what did i feel...and wat i've learned from this...hard works really bring's not too late to make a and wl showed us a way..and we'll always be frenz..till one day we closed our our gang..38 gang..we r a union..nobody will laugh at us..nobody will abandone us..we r together supporting each other..and cared 4 each's work hard for ourself..nobody is better than anyone..d difference between us thatt being how many effort we pay for's never too NEVER GIVE UP..nobody will think u r a loser...EXCEPT URSELF!!!!!!!!!!that refuse to change!!!

we all have sportmenship..let's compete again..and c..who is d winner again ok???me...yijuin..challenge u all here...especially sh and wl..i will set u all as my target^^really really hope we can strive as an union...or a team...^^

our stpm result is juz a matter is good or bad..we still have to face my own results...i am not sure whether i can get scholarships or any courses that i am interested..but i still will TRY..this is d only way ic an do isn't it?
if i cant get..i will go take courses that i like..and start studying first semster by paying money..and hard to get scholarship..i hope i won let myself down again..i wan, or I DEMAND to become a winner not a loser..let's back to d competition again...NEVER GIVE UP


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