Sunday, March 16, 2008

never give up!! never!!

our form 6 lives is officially ended on 11st of march
for those who get good results~congrats
those who r not satisfy with it~ dun give up, never

looking back in these one and a half year...
there is really a big change in myself,
thanks for the support u all give me all the way when i faced the problems

when i first came in to st john, it was really a big problems for me, especially my language problem.. tat was really a difficult time for me to study as it turn all bahasa to english..
but luckilly i got ur support... finally i got a band 4 in MUET.. not better than all of u.. but i know, without u all, the result is so poorer than tis a lot.

i still remember
when i got a question during the class, i didn't dare to ask the was jus because i scare u all will look down at me or laugh when u all dun understand wat my question is since my english is too poor... then when i ask u all, u all will explain to me if u know the answers, if u didn't know the answer then u all will help me to ask the teacher... and sooner i finally dare to ask the questions to the teachers.. it is jus because i know, i know u all wont laugh at me even u all dun understand wat my question is... thanks for accepting me..

i think probably all the time when i dun understand the meaning of certain words.. u all sure will generously tell me the meaning of it.. it is how my english is improved..
when i was down, u all would console me..
when i was sick or not sleep enough, u all would ask me to take care..
when i was sometime too moody, u all will tolerate me..
when u all know i am weak in english, u all would stay back to have extra discussions and practices for the speaking..
and a lot alot...
whether u all still remember or not, but i really feeling happy and lucky to have u all to support me..
ur supports for me, i wont forget! never forget!
thanks... thanks for accepting me...

yes, i admit tat i am really happy to hv a 4.00, actually.. it is not because i got a lot of people congrats me..
i am happy because i know in my form 6 live, i really learn a lot and i grow, grow stronger..
now,when flashing back the days we had in this 1 and half year.. i m so glad to hv u all!
without u all, i would not be wat i am today!

there is still a long way to go...
now is just a small step we went through..
tomorrow~ still the same spirit
never give up!! never!!

~wei loon

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