Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fresh Saturday~

how are u all so far??? ei..ching foong and kah fai very bad wor..dint post anythng latest d..
dun lost d passion towards our union ler... chinese new year is extremely near...u all a..y havent tell me when r u free?????
so can we decide to visit each other on sunday 10-2-2008???
first station is my house as usual???or end up at my house???haha..
ei..faster decide ler...and one more thing...siao huoy is going to pay a visit at cambodia around 20 to 24 something, cant remember we may decide to celebrate ching foong's birthday earlier...can we???

ATTENTION here..except our official meeting at 8-3-2008...we will still meet each other on our birthday..ok???if no time at least our giving present costume will still carry on..ANy OBJECTION???

anyway..plz plz~~~ tell me when u all free on chinese new year ler...if not..we straight away rush to ur house i DUN CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone..have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!



Fittest fai said...

Bukan saya tak nak cik yi juin, tapi......kami balik dari kerja sudah pukul 8,dan 9 jika ada OT. Esok pula nak bangun pukul 6. Elek masa nak post tau? Sekarang post sudah bagi kulit.

CF said...

aiyah,cikgu yijuin...sorry loh..nw most of d day got ot leh.whn go home vyvy tired and bth thn strght away u meh so senang bcome teachr..hehehe..ok la,i free only on sun loh.sat hlf day wrk..thx wor still rem my birthday...hou ci mui


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