Monday, February 25, 2008

self improvement..

today was a special day to me...y do i called it SPECIAL?

haha..i also dunno...juz tat in this day..i experience alot of feelings and inspired to think alot..
today...i was so dissapointed wif my students and myself..

i long as u be patient and kind..ppl surely will experience it and start to pay back..
but seems like things are not following this rules..

i tot i did a lot for my students..but end up they still refuse to do their homework..
i tot i inspired them..but actually maybe they are juz pretend to listen..
i tot i treat someone very well..but maybe i am juz pressuring him..

many many things..i tot i did it d best in my way..but actually this maybe mean different for others...maybe i shudnt be so selfish...

today i was very unhappy after teaching a class of students..that i care very much of them..even sacrifice my time to make exercise tat suits their level for them..but they let me paying me back wif their BLANK and EMPTY homework..
i feel like crying in d office..struggling and thinking what shud i do next..

BUT someone tell me..U ALREADY did ur best..juz that not everyone will follow up what u wan them to do..although they understand wat u wan...JUZ LIKE WE ALL LAST TIME..He tell me..last time when miss EILEEN tell we all to do tis do tat..we also know she do it is good for us..but we also din do la..

Haha..when i heard tis..i suddenly feel students also arent that least they listen to what i said..and react sincerely to tat least i heard their promises...They said they will finish their homework and let me drop my glasses..heh..i was so happy tat time..

human sometimes really very funny hor..we used to c bad things first be4 good ones...we used to evaluate ppl first be4 ourselves..and the Worst is..we like to compare...
if i dint teach a good class..i won expect so much on my bad class...and at last made both me and my class so tense..
this theory sama goes to relationship ba^^..maybe it's time for me to change my view that was so narrow..and STOP COMPARING..but juz appreciate what do i have^^sounds easy but difficult to accomplish.. juz one day..i experience happy, sad and back to motivated..maybe is juz like what ppl's say..girls really very changable..juz like the weather..sometimes rainy, sometime sunshine..

really hope i won scare my fren around me..haha..
anyway..thanks to my SPECIAL fren..that RESCUE me from bad mood..and thanks to the person that willing to listen my really helps me course also thanks to u that willing to waste ur time to look at my COMPLAINS here..haha

k lar..finish expressing..nite lo^^38 members..hope u all have sweet dreams la^^



weiloon said...

got improvement is a good sign....
i dun who is this, but hope everyone got improve la!!

kokloon said...

YJ .. dun give up ...
ur a good teacher and a good mother ..
remember ?? ur my mum in our class .. hahaha .. good luck ya ...
u can do it .. and ur blog inspired me bout something ... thnx

WeiLoon said...

yi juin,
when we pay, it doesn't mean we can get back the return now.but we will get back more than wat we expected one day..this is true..
But if we dun pay, we get nothing in return..
just do our best, one day they will know..

add oil!!!
never give up!!

Anonymous said...

"A great powers comes with a great responsibility".....
sounds familiar?? a phrase from the movie spiderman....
the same things goes to
"A great teacher comes with a great responsibilty"...
nothing is easy..
nothing is as wat we want..
nothing is the best..
nothing is perfect...
we cant always want what we want BUt we can always try our best to achieve what we want...
trying to achieve something is the best part of our success or failure..
but failure without an effort is the worst among all...
A salute from myself for u!!!
u r a great teacher!!!dun give up!!

how cheh

38members said...

hmm...dun giv upah..haha matured edi wor u...
hehe..can i know who is d special 1???hahaha


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