Thursday, February 28, 2008


After being complained by our how how tht i m not responsible for not caring da 38 society by not blogging recently...sorry ya members...esp to wei loon, da creator of this masterpiece..pretty busy n lazy recently..from preparing to cambodia...den to cambodia trip..den now busy preparing for my party..thx alot everyone here for willing to spend a few hours with me dat day..thx alot ya..reali appreciate..hmm..wad shud i say in tis post? juz tell bout my trip to cambodia la..dat trip is not least been to one of da new seven wonders of da world..angkor wat..n another place of interest tonle sap lake..biggest man made lake...remember? v learned tis in our geography last time..hmm..cambodia is reali a poverty stricken country..reali feel fortunate to be here..thtz all bout my trip la..

Now, bout my job..hmm..same old complain like yj n hc..last two days reali feel like giving up..reali feeling to pretend u noe everything infron of 40 students..tok in fron urself without any audience like alien u c..sigh..sien hearing complains from students face to face..finally homework not up to date ALWAYS!!..reali wad da heck!! anyway..i ve tink thoroughly..perhaps i m not reali into tis NOBLE profession like voon, yj, wl, hc..wad i think is s long as i complete my responsibility n do wadeva i can to help..if dey dun accept..thts it..cant be bothered..obviously teacher will not be my careeer..sigh..thtz all for now..gtg to bed..c you guys on fri ya..

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welcome back!

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