Tuesday, February 12, 2008

gong xi gong xi

Chinese NEw Year 2008
bai nian is a wonderful thing tat everyone is interested in...
of cos , main purpose will be getting lots and lots of ang pau
for sure and of cos
through bai nian ,it also enable everyone to gather around...
having laughter and to share stories among each other...

10th february 2008,
38 members got the golden chance to have a gathering through the bai nian event,,,,,
after around a month the members had been busy with their own job and career,
at last we gather again in this wonderful new year,,,,,,,,,

travelling from one house to another,
eating cookies from house to house,
drinking all sort of water from door to door,
getting different kind of ang pau packets,
this different ,
that different,
everything is different,
only one thing is always the same....our FRIENDSHIP

we still sit and stand together without having weird feelings,
we still talk and scold each other like before,
we still gossip and let each other gossip us behind just like last time,
we still stick to our character and attitude,
we still don give face to each other when scolding ppl,
we still care each other,we still behave like children sometimes,
last but not least ,WE STILL THE MIGHTY 7,
Nothing ever changes , changing or even changed....

the only one thing tat changed lately is.........hmmmmmmmahha....
i know la.,,,
u all sure say i perasan one la,,,
tak tahu malu ma..sob sob
k la...tata(go hide under the bed le)
how how

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