Sunday, February 3, 2008

invitation ~ wei loon

Chinese New Year is coming lo! haha... GONG XI FA CHAI! (so lame)
everywhere is playing the cny songs ady lo... can feel the hot festival coming lo.. but i still hvn't buy anything oh... coz got a lot of work and very tired these days..

wish u all happy all the year in this mice year..
looking at the news only know China got snowstorm.. the people r so pitiful, cant go home to celebrate.. so, we all r the lucky one.. can celebrate this festival wif our family!! somemore still can get ang pao!! haha, so, get as more as u can oh~! maybe next year some of us will give ang pao lo!! wakaka!! hehe..

wish u all happy, wealthy, healthy, +ve, leng chai and leng lui.....++++

ps: u all r welcome to my house on sunday( 10th or 17th)

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