Saturday, February 23, 2008

one day trip in kepong

here is wei loon

i am planning to have a one day trip in kepong

ok, it is as following:

we can go to the batu caves first, we can just go up the hills and take some photos
then go back to kepong
in kepong, we just go to the jungle called The FRIM to have a picnic...

haha... it sounds funny right?
jus see wat r urs opinion lo..
the date is still not decided yet.. see when will u all b free lo.. i hope we can have it on March lo..
i hv ady discuss wif yi juin, she said "no problem" very loudly o!

okla.. give me some response la..
~if dun wan have it is ok, it is just a plan only

~wei loon


38members said...

ok bttr on sun loh...cos sat got wrk..hehe..


how cheh said...

me sure ok de....i am a very flexible and cooperative person...haha...ask yj...she knows me very well.."COOPERATiVE"!!!!

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