Sunday, February 17, 2008

secret reveals ~ weiloon


to ching foong,

now i reveal the secret la!

i jus resign from doing editor in the office..
but will be a free lancer in editing my maths book during my free time
bcoz i will b a temporary teacher in a primary school..
this is wat i want to b the most... at the same time, being a teacher i hv more time

i will b a teacher in a tuition centre at night..

so, i'll b very busy from now on..



Anonymous said...

ohh, la since u r doing sumthn tht u luck 2 u...gambateh!!!! v will support u


Anonymous said...

good luck ya ...
i know u can do it coz u love n enjoy teaching !!!


38members said...

heard from sh tat u enjoy ur teaching job...great!!!!

how cheh

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