Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i'm happy ~WeiLoon

haha.. i was really lucky yesterday!!
it was just unbelieveable!!
ei... but i choose not to tell first. haha... why? bcoz i myself also do not believe tat!
anyway, it is just one step forwards wat i planned in my 6-months holiday.. it is still a long game to go on..
i think wat the truth is: when u really want something too much.. too badly... with ur sincere heart, got one power in tis world will actually help u!! this is true!!

wish me good luck la..

~ lucky wei loon


CF said...

WEI!!!!!tell la wat so happy..vyvy kang chiong la...cant tell now meh!! anyway,wat present u buy u buy 4 me ah???/hahahaha.i vy straight forward 1 leh..hahahahha....rem2tell ah!!! wat u so happy abt...cant wait 2 knw ah!!!!


yj said...

wah..congratulations o^^although i dunno what's happening..anyway wish u all d best la^^


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